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When we first saw the reversible octopus stuffed toy on TikTok, we realized right away that we wanted one ASAP. In the video, the boyfriend knew if his girlfriend wasn't feeling great without asking her-he just needed to look
When you have no tears left to cry or when you just wanna break free.
Ariana Grande just went through a breakup and has ditched her iconic ponytail for a long bob, and we're here for it! The 25-year-old singer has been producing the most memorable tracks over the years and we think
And it's simpler than you think.
We all pretty much have a morning ritual. We wake up, head to the bathroom, eat (or skip) breakfast, then go to work. Some days seem promising when we get up feeling energized before our alarm even rings, so we have time
Take note of these tips to boost your mood from the moment you wake up.
Nobody likes waking up on the wrong side of bed. Your mornings usually dictate how the rest of your day will go, so it's always a good idea to start it on a happy note. Never mind that you're having
Even good guys can be testy, but that's no consolation. Resist the urge to blow up at your man by following these tactics.
It's women who have the rep for being the moody sex [partner], but in reality, experts say, guys also have big swings. "Men act differently than women do in a funk, so it's not always obvious what's going on,"
Before you unleash some <i>nega</i> out into the world, take a quick breather. You'd be surprised how easy it is to calm down from a stressful state of mind.
Try a DIY rubdown.Stuck in traffic? Ease away your woes by keeping a mini massager in the car and run it over your knotted muscles when you need to.Get Zen.Calm your mind by putting on some feel-good music.
Clear your head of all distractions and get in the right frame of mind before your next sack session.
1. Let Your Thoughts WanderIt helps to transport yourself mentally to a sexy place. Fantasize that you're getting it on in a lust-inspiring locale or even with another man, like a hot trainer at your gym or, hell, Justin Timberlake.
If you feel like the spark is starting to fizzle, give your guy a little push in the right direction with these tips.
Feel like your man isn't paying you the attention you deserve? Guys can be just as clueless as we are when it comes to the mysteries of the opposite sex, so the best way to let him know what you need