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Look ~*extra*~ glowing the morning after.
Spending the night at bae's place doesn't mean you need to bring your whole vanity collection. Here, we tell you the purse-friendly beauty essentials you can use to freshen up!VIDEO: Trina ElefanteFollow Ira on Instagram. Follow Trina on
Better come prepared! *wink*
Don't put yourself in the position where you're scrambling to find something that would make for a decent moisturizer in your boyfriend's bathroom. Instead, prep early on by assembling a grab-and-go pouch for nights
No, it's not an abortion pill.
There's a lot of false and bizarre information out there regarding Plan B (mostly that it's an abortion pill, which is FALSE), so decided to speak with Dr. Vanessa Cullins, vice president of external medical affairs at Planned
Learn how we created the flirty, natural-looking makeup looks in our "Get The Afterglow" beauty editorial, found in the February 2012 issue.
Men always say they love seeing the no-makeup look on women, but we want to qualify that: while a lot of men really don't like seeing a lot of gunk on our face, what they really relish seeing is that