She's got tons of beauty tips for girls like us!
If you have ever wondered how a Victoria's Secret Angel gets ready in the morning, we've got the deets! Josephine Skriver was generous enough to share her get-gorgeous beauty tricks in her video for Vogue. We did
In under five minutes!
News flash: You don't need to spend an hour in front of the mirror to look like a decent human being. Below, we break down the things you need to glow in under five minutes. 1. BB Cream or Tinted MoisturizerProvided
Anyone can be a morning person with a tiny bit of effort.
Who knew there were other ways to make sure you can function in the morning?
A ringing alarm clock spells dread in the morning whether you have to get ready for work or something more relaxed.And while many of us rely on caffeine to help get us going, if you're looking to cut back on
Plus, more tips on how to get ready faster in the a.m.
Is your beauty routine making you late for work or school? Maybe it's time to alter it for your fast-paced lifestyle. Here, a few tips to cut down your morning beauty routine:1. Skip washing your face in the morning.
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