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Places to spice up your Valentine's Day, with class.
If he asks why, tell him this: because on a day like Valentine's Day, girls know what they want, and guys don't know any better. Because a girl owes it to herself to experience the most romantic night ever. Because
Spend a few days taking a break from the real world at these lovely hideaways.
There are a lot of perks that come with staying at bed & breakfast places. They're relatively cheaper, certainly homier, and definitely more intimate-perfect for a relaxing vacation with your BFFs or a romantic getaway with your man.Here, we've
Cheap hotels are the new classy motels.
Before anything else, name the first three motel joints that come to mind and cross them off the list, because chances are he'll take you there if he's the one in charge. Also, have him understand that your sweet lovin'