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This Mother's Day, your presence is the greatest gift you can give.
For Mother's Day weekend, take some time off your busy sched to hang out with your Number 1 fan-mom!Launch the gallery to see our suggestions!
Do your guy's parents (his mom especially) dislike you? Learn how to deal with your possible future monsters-in-law.
So you've met Mr. Right, and everything is damn near perfect. There's just one problem: Mama and Papa Right. Put simply, they don't like you-and they're not exactly shy about it. "Not only is it unpleasant for
You’ve met Mr. Right. Now you have to meet that other most important woman in his life. Find out from real mothers what you should and shouldn’t do to score her thumbs up!
Snagging the man of your dreams is difficult enough. But winning over his mom? That's a completely different story. Pinoy culture dictates that a good girlfriend (or wife, for that matter) gets along with the guy's mom. Why? She's