And if you go see it, you won't either.
Fifty Shades Darker is two hours of boring garbage punctuated by awkward ass slapping, an embarrassing Working Girl reenactment, and Rita Ora. I'll never get those two hours of my life back, and if you go see it, you won't
Why is Christian buying a publishing company in 2017?
Fifty Shades Darker is truly an experience, even though Kate's brother and Dr. Flynn are missing and José conveniently lives in Seattle and not Portland. The sex scenes are hot, Jamie Dornan does a shirtless plank thing on a pommel horse,
It's the anti-chick flick you (and your boyfriend!) shouldn't miss.
If you're a huge fan of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, you'll love Before Midnight (in theaters July 10, 2013)-the third installment to director Richard Linklater's romantic trilogy. If you aren't, well, it's time to be!
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