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No one smoulders like Gaston/Luke Evans.
Soon, my friends, all the waiting and teasing will be over and we will all finally be able to purchase a ticket to watch Emma Watson and Dan Stevens do their big ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast. Or, if you'
Check out this month's cinematic offerings: a highly-awaited superhero movie, a hunk-studded drama-comedy, a vampire-riddled action thriller, and a slew of intriguing Japanese films!
Fresh from last month's release of The Amazing Spider-Man, movie buffs are now setting their sights on a new superhero blockbuster scheduled to hit theaters this month: The Dark Knight Rises. The third and final film in director Christopher Nolan'
The Hollywood sweetheart proves that he can do more than dramatic love scenes--he can make you laugh. Find out what he has to say about his new movie.
When you think Ryan Gosling, you probably have a picture of a sweet, old-fashioned country boy kissing his long-lost first love in the pouring rain. Well, aside from that unforgettable role in The Notebook, Ryan has been in dramas like
These men from the movies are guaranteed to make your heart melt!
We started young on this dream of finding The One. Wasn't that the recurring theme of our favorite fairy tales--finding the handsome Prince Charming who will love us for the rest of our beautiful lives? As we grew up, these
The movie and TV drama princess dares to talk about what she would change about the showbiz industry and the most challenging thing about being an actress.