Are you in the mood for mystery or romance?
Can you believe we're halfway through 2020? So much is happening that you might be feeling a bit *overwhelmed*. Here's a list of new dramas and movies on Viu that could help you ~let go~ of reality for
She won a Best Actress award for 'The Maid In London!'
Andi Eigenmann is currently *living her dream* in Siargao with her surfer boyfriend Philmar Alipayo and their daughter Lilo! Most recently, the actress celebrated her 30th birthday by reuniting with her firstborn daughter Ellie Eigenmann and marked her second anniversary with Philmar.
Doesn't it sound nice to spend two hours somewhere else?
The itch to travel is hard to fend off, especially when you aren't really allowed to go anywhere because of COVID-19. But movies are a solid alternative to ease any aching wanderlust. When you can't physically stroll though
These will keep you up at night, promise!
We've all experienced that *one* horror story ending that still gives us the creeps. You know the one we're talking about-it haunts you every time you enter the bathroom (or a dark room) at night. The plot
They’ll get in your head and stay there...forever.
As delightful as it is to watch a gory horror movie with the lights out while you're hunkered under the covers praying a clown doesn't eat you alive, sometimes you want less blood and more...brains. Enter: the
These definitely gave justice to the source material!
Have you ever found the *perfect* novel-you know, the one you can recite lines from verbatim, and if you run out of things to read, you go back to time and time again? Now imagine finding out that it'll
These onscreen dads made us laugh and cry—sometimes at the same time!
Happy Father's Day to all father figures! For our dads' special day, we asked Pinays in our Cosmo Mixers Facebook group to share their favorite movie made them appreciate their dads even more. What movie makes you think of
Get ready to rewind... over, and over, and over again.
Raise your hand if you've ever attempted to watch porn and then realized...yeah, no, this isn't it, fam. (Look around for a sec and you'll realize more than your hand is in the air). But really, it's
Yup, including the actress who played 'Princess Sarah.'
It's always fascinating to read about celebrity backgrounds, especially when you find out that this Oscar winner is related to Queen Elizabeth I or that this singer discovered America in a past life. Even more interesting is finding out that
Ari Aster has more ~gory~ stuff up his sleeve.
If you loved the *horror* films Midsommar (2019) and Hereditary (2018), then you're going to be VERY HAPPY with this news. The writer + director of these movies, Ari Aster, is currently working on a new project and it's
We'll be glued to our screens until dawn at this point.
Every month, we look forward to new K-dramas, kilig-filled movies, and teen shows from Netflix! Aside from exciting Pinoy films, here's what's in store for us this month:Before their graduation, students from Liberty High School
'The Shape Of Water' IS SOOO GOOD.
You've probably heard about Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro and his simultaneously magical + horrific characters! While they aren't exactly scary films, his works involve ghosts, weird and mysterious creatures, and (sometimes) even murder. Here's a list
For example, THAT scene with THAT telephone pole in 'Hereditary.'
The horror genre is really fascinating. While we usually think of ghosts and supernatural beings when we think of scary films, there are some which get the "horror" factor from ~explicit~ violence, blood, and murder. The thing about these movies is that
From romance, to horror, to action, Anne Curtis has done them all.
Nothing beats Anne Curtis' newest role as a doting mother to her one-year-old daughter, Dahlia Amélie, with husband Erwan Heussaff. But before she took a mini-break from showbiz, Anne has starred in a number of iconic Filipino
Because things aren't as scary if you're already laughing.
Sometimes, we're just not in the mood for movies that make us want to hide under the covers at night. That's totally okay-but if your friends and fam feel like having a (online) watch party, why not
Including a K-drama that focuses on mental health!
Looking for more drama and movie recos? Here's what's new on Viu this month! In this idol competition program, ~underrated~ boy groups "go up against each other and release music on streaming sites simultaneously." The show features seven
Brad Pitt in 'Troy'. Enough said.
If you're a Disney fan, then growing up you've probably sung along to "I Won't Say I'm In Love" from Hercules at least once; Meg was such a mood, tbh. But if the animated
Dream, which will be released sometime next year, is already in production! The Lee Byung Hun-directed film stars Park Seo Joon and IU and tells the story of a team trying out for an international soccer event called the Homeless World
Song Joong Ki fans, the actor is making his big-screen comeback with a sci-fi movie called Space Sweepers! The film, directed by Jo Sung Hee (he also worked with Joong Ki on A Werewolf Boy in 2012), released its first
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