Make your search for Mr. Right closer to reality with the help of this comparative guide.
More and more single chicks think that they deserve the best when it comes to finding their own guy-and who says they don't? Getting into a relationship isn't just a meantime exercise. When making a commitment, you want to
He's definitely in your relationship for the long haul. You're not Ms. Right Now.
1. He understands you. And even when he doesn't, he tries his best. When he doesn't know what to say, he understands you need his presence when you feel like crap.2. He supports you. He wants you to achieve columnist Bianca Valerio gets real on the futility of finding the "The One", and urges you to give the man of the moment a chance.
Mr. Right... ...You may also know him as Santa Claus, the Boogeyman, Cupid, or Star Wars' Yoda: they simply don't exist. We hate to burst your bubble, but as wonderful as "Mr. Right" sounds, he is merely a fictional character our
Make it your New Year’s resolution to stop falling for the <em>pwede na</em> guy and finally find true love. (Hint: It all starts with YOU!)
Some women give their boyfriends everything—even if they don’t get as much as they deserve. Cosmo lists five ways a girl makes <em>tipid</em> on herself in a relationship.
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