Yup, she can still sing just like Mulan.
It's no secret that Lea Salonga's singing skills are still as top-notch as they were when she was the singing voice of Mulan back in 1998. (Mulan's normal speaking voice was done by Ming-Na
And it's not the same character you remember from the animated version.
Disney's live-action Mulan just cast the film's major love interest with actor Yoson An, from New Zealand. He'll star opposite Liu Yifei (a.k.a Crystal Liu), who will play the main character.Here he
Can 2019 come sooner?
Disney has finally revealed the actress who's playing Mulan, its latest live-action film set to be released in 2019-meet Chinese actress, model, and singer Liu Yifei.Yifei's casting is a breath of relief from the whitewashing
How can you have a remake without some of the most iconic Disney songs of all time?
Following the news that Disney's new live-action Mulan will not be a musical, thousands of fans took to social media en masse to express their outrage and disappointment. And to further fan the flames, Disney also announced they would be
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on September 12, 2016!
1 Divine Lee just got engaged to her boyfriend of one year, Blake Go! Over the weekend, the couple was in Bali, Indonesia to celebrate a friend's wedding, and that's when Blake popped the question-complete with a candlelit dinner
Over 25,000 people have now signed the petition that preemptively asks Disney to not cast a white actress in the live-action version of the animated film.
Honestly, when Disney first announced plans to make a live-action version of Mulan, we were all full of pure, unadulterated JOY. Finally, a remake of one of our favorite Disney movies, with genuine female bad-assery, one of the best makeover
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