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We can't believe his audition for Honghui took place four whole years ago!
Disney's live-action adaptation of Mulan has dropped on Disney+, and although the streaming service isn't available in the PH just yet, the movie will be released in theaters worldwide soon! Mulan includes a very special cameo and
OMG, it appears like she was also Gong Li's double!
Over the weekend, photos of professional martial artist-and everyone's new girl crush-Liu Yaxi in character as Mulan spread throughout the internet! Today reports that in an interview, Liu Yaxi praised actress Liu Yifei for her professionalism and shared: "
Sorry @ all you cricket fans.
Not sure what your plans are for this week other than wearing a mask, wondering when this hell year will end, and praying that aliens will just abduct you already-but Disney's live-action Mulan just dropped on Disney+ and
Well, that didn't take long.
The much-awaited Mulan live-action reboot is available on Disney+ for users willing to spend $29.99 (about P1,500, but we don't have this option in the Philippines) to watch it before its December 4 release date. You&#
She even made her own Mulan costume!
Here's something that will lighten up your mood: Content creator Raiza Contawi just blessed us with a Mulan-inspired makeup video! She went all out to channel the heroine from the 1998 Disney animated film.Raiza first teased everyone by
It was supposed to hit theaters on March 27.
Update as of August 5, 2020: After multiple delays, Disney has announced that Mulan will be coming to Disney+-for an additional fee of $29.99 (around P1,471)-next month! According to CNN, Disney clarified that the film will still be
One HUGE character won't be appearing.
With Disney's Mulan live-action remake hitting our screens this month, we absolutely cannot wait to see our favorite Disney film come to life on the big screen. However, it's been revealed that Disney has made some pretty
Twitter users couldn’t help speaking up about it.
Chinese actress Liu Yifei, who plays Mulan in the upcoming live-action remake of the classic Disney film, sparked outrage when she supported the Hong Kong Police Force on social media. On the Chinese social media platform Weibo, she posted an image
Mulan is Kim's 'all-time favorite Disney character!'
The teaser trailer of the live-action adaptation of Disney's Mulan has got everyone excited, including Kim Chiu. The actress posted a throwback photo of her as Mulan in Disney's 2015 princess calendar. "Still can't get over the #Mulan2020
You don't meet a girl like this every dynasty!
Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me? It's none other than Disney's new Mulan, Chinese actress Liu Yifei! And with the movie's recent teaser trailer release, we're sure you'
She will bring honor to us all.
Disney decided to drop the live-action teaser trailer for Mulan last night and we cannot be more excited! The film stars Chinese actress Liu Yifei and the trailer promises to deliver a historical wartime drama that we never thought was possible!
Epic feels.
OMG, here's our first look at Mulan! Walt Disney Studios just released the official teaser trailer a few hours ago, and it is looking every bit epic.We first shared the news about the live-action remake in 2017 and
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on August 15, 2018!
A few days ago, fans of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera noticed that a photoshopped version of their wedding photo was used in an episode of Ang Probinsyano. Fans also pointed out that a similar incident happened last year with a photo
Yup, she can still sing just like Mulan.
It's no secret that Lea Salonga's singing skills are still as top-notch as they were when she was the singing voice of Mulan back in 1998. (Mulan's normal speaking voice was done by Ming-Na
And it's not the same character you remember from the animated version.
Disney's live-action Mulan just cast the film's major love interest with actor Yoson An, from New Zealand. He'll star opposite Liu Yifei (a.k.a Crystal Liu), who will play the main character.Here he
Can 2019 come sooner?
Disney has finally revealed the actress who's playing Mulan, its latest live-action film set to be released in 2019-meet Chinese actress, model, and singer Liu Yifei.Yifei's casting is a breath of relief from the whitewashing
How can you have a remake without some of the most iconic Disney songs of all time?
Following the news that Disney's new live-action Mulan will not be a musical, thousands of fans took to social media en masse to express their outrage and disappointment. And to further fan the flames, Disney also announced they would be
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1 Divine Lee just got engaged to her boyfriend of one year, Blake Go! Over the weekend, the couple was in Bali, Indonesia to celebrate a friend's wedding, and that's when Blake popped the question-complete with a candlelit dinner
Over 25,000 people have now signed the petition that preemptively asks Disney to not cast a white actress in the live-action version of the animated film.
Honestly, when Disney first announced plans to make a live-action version of Mulan, we were all full of pure, unadulterated JOY. Finally, a remake of one of our favorite Disney movies, with genuine female bad-assery, one of the best makeover