It’s local, it’s Visayan, it’s hella catchy!
The newest pop-dance hit to make waves is "BamBamBam" by Karencitta. It's an ultra-catchy danceable song that sounds extremely sophis. If not for the few verses in Cebuano, you'll assume it's an international pop hit-although we
BRB, playing the top five songs on repeat.
2018 is almost over and we can all say that we've had our fair share of heartbreaking songs, dance tracks, and Asian + Western artist collabs throughout the year. According to music streaming service Spotify, 2018's most-streamed artist
For all the '90s kids out there, this challenge is for you!
We tasked Mary Grace and Eli of the Cosmo Cam Crew to guess the title and artist of our fave '90s music by only playing the first few seconds of the song.So, do you think they're legit millennials?
The Fil-Aussie singer-songwriter lays down her roots.
Surprisingly, 'Despacito' didn't take the top spot!
Remember when "Despacito" came out and the world momentarily forgot that other songs existed? Well, in a surprising turn of events, Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You" was the most streamed track of 2017, according to Spotify. Even though Luis Fonsi
Muriel Gonzales reveals the perks and struggles of being in the local music industry.
The Ransom Collective (TRC) shot to fame at Wanderland back in 2014. With their debut album, "Traces," set for release this year, violinist Muriel Gonzales talks to us about the local indie music scene and what it's like being part of
We all get these lyrics so wrong that they're basically right.
We've all been there: You're out with your squad, vibing to the music, and belting out the lyrics to a song, (low-key knowing that they're a little off but rolling with it anyways). And then some Debbie Downer
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