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From a crime series to a *steamy* drama!
In recent years, Han So Hee has shown that she's a versatile actress who can smoothly transition from a college student to a police officer. She's willing to try any role, reason why she's one of
How many have you watched?
If you're going to ask me, 2021 has the best K-drama lineup after 2016. This year, we were ~blessed~ with K-dramas that healed us, made us laugh so hard, brought us to tears, and shocked the hell out
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Who would've thought that we'll get a Han So Hee and Yoo Ah In interaction before 2021 ends? Not complaining though, because it's definitely one of the *best* things we've seen this year!On
The actor revealed he still had to take on part-time jobs years after his debut.
Unless they were child actors or pursued the craft in college, it's nothing new to hear most of our favorite K-drama stars actually worked different jobs prior to entering the industry. While Ahn Bo Hyun is no exception, the
Here's what we know so far.
Korean dramas are all we can talk about right now. First, it was Squid Game, then came My Name. But will there be a season 2? Here's everything we know so far, from release date to trailer and more.Sadly,
It's a scene between actors Park Hee Soon and Yoon Kyung Ho!
After the global hype over the Netflix K-drama Squid Game, a new Korean series called My Name is catching everyone's attention. Starring Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Hee Soon, Lee Hak Joo, Chang Ryul, and Yoon Kyung
She only heard about it in the middle of filming!
The Netflix original series My Name introduced us to a different version of Han So Hee. Here, she's a badass woman named Yoon Ji Woo who infiltrated the police as an undercover agent. Driven by revenge due to her father&#
She wanted to portray her character well!
Han So Hee challenged her acting skills in the hit Netflix series, My Name. In her past projects, So Hee portrayed a pretty villainess in A World Of The Married or a charming girl next door in Nevertheless. In My Name, Yoon
She also went to action school!
2021 is a busy year for Han So Hee after leading two different K-dramas, namely Nevertheless and My Name. One is a steamy series where she played an art student who gave up on love due to her ex-boyfriend. The
Who are you dressing up as this year?
You don't need to spend lots on a memorable Halloween costume. You just need to be creative and nail the key elements of whoever you're imitating. If K-dramas have been your lifeline lately, why not dress up as one
Which series tops your list?
We're *almost* done with 2021 and OMG, we have watched so many high-quality K-dramas! From crime thrillers to rom-coms, we have spent sleepless nights binge-watching these shows and nope, we have no regrets. In fact, we&#