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You've got it all wrong.
Ever since the fat-free food craze of the '90s, everyone's been hating on fat. But fat has long been misunderstood.To set the record straight-and let go of your fat fears-get the facts:Truth: The fat you eat
Let's keep things real.
1. You're irreplaceable.Okay, believing you're irreplaceable might make you feel great about yourself, but as soon as someone threatens to replace you in your position, you won't take it gracefully. Your pride might make you go apeshit or
What you feel after eating Chinese food is all in your head.
Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker, also author of the book Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes, has a biweekly program on Slate called "Is that Bullshit?" where the plain truth about science and cures are investigated and then confirmed or
They're just marketing strategies, backed by no research.
1. Go gluten-free! It's healthier!Gluten-free food is not any healthier for most people. Gluten is only bad for you if you have celiac disease, because the gluten will destroy the part of the small intestine that absorbs nutrients
Wearing short shorts? Still not asking for it!
Rape myths are problematic beliefs on sexual assault. But what's made them so prevalent? According to University of Minnesota Duluth, they were uncritically and illogically linked to circumstances and individuals throughout our history. All thanks to gender role expectations and a
These "truths" about men are total BS.
Some truths about men are self-evident: They like blow jobs and tambay sessions and consider themselves great with directions. Then there are the "truths" that are total BS.1. Myth: Men want to do the chasing.Truth: Call it The Clooney
Cosmo debunks some common misconceptions women have about male performance and prowess in bed with the following facts.
Fact #1: Assuming woman-on-top position won't cause penile fracture...except in rare cases when the woman applies a hell of a lot of pressure.Fact #2: A veiny penis does not indicate that a guy has a problem. In columnist and model Bianca Valerio reveals that common misconceptions about models--and the real score.
The world of modeling has often been a topic of heated debate for being apparently glamorous or overrated. Whether or not a model writes this entry, it must be said: People who have many negative things to say about the modeling industry
A skin care expert tells Cosmo what products and routines you <i>really</i> need--and what you can chuck off your regimen.
Is your bathroom counter full of beauty products you don't even use? And are you under the misconception that the more expensive the skin care product, the more effective and efficient it is?To address the second question, we hope you