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This teensy body part attracts so many dumb rumors.
If I could wave a magic wand and-*poof*-make the entire world stop caring about one thing, it would be the state of any given person's hymen. This teensy piece of tissue, usually no more than a few centimeters
Like how we're supposed to wash our face with our first period blood to have clear skin forever.
Despite the fact we bleed more or less every month from puberty until menopause, and we know exactly what goes down, er, down there, there are still a fair few mistruths about menstruation that are flying about.Some of these are ridiculous (
No, you don’t have to drain the battery of your new phone.
1. Closing all your apps magically saves your battery.Leaving your apps open in the background has absolutely no effect on your battery life. Closing them also won't make your phone run faster. Think about it: Apple comes out with a