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His breakthrough role was in the top-rating comedy series 'Mr. Queen!'
Rising actor Na In Woo is starring in his first-ever lead role to date: as On Dal in the historical drama River Where The Moon Rises. Although his entrance to the series was less than ideal (he replaced controversial actor Ji
He will be taking on the role of On Dal in the drama 'River Where The Moon Rises.'
Recently, it was confirmed that Ji Soo, the lead actor in River Where The Moon Rises, will be leaving the K-drama following his school violence controversies. KBS has announced that Na In Woo, who became more popular after his stint in
I never thought a K-drama can be chaotic and dramatic at the same time.
I've been watching K-dramas since the My Girl and Princess Hours era. What I usually do is to wait for the series to end before I binge-watch on weekends-until Mr. Queen came along. I suddenly got curious
Some of them have already appeared together in other K-dramas!
Let's face it: We will never *really* get over a K-drama as good as Mr. Queen. Sure, there will be other series with a similar storyline, but nothing can replace the roller coaster of emotions we went through while