OK, this is seriously impressive. For everyone who's ever tried to do something ~crazy~ with their home manicure like draw literally one straight line on their nail and failed, look away! Because if you're competitive and easily jealous like me,
If you're trying to break your habit of biting your nails, then this weird and wonderful nail art is definitely not for you. Seriously, stay far, far away-we're not responsible for any snacking and nibbling that ensues.Jessie, who
Like having a snow globe on your fingers!
Here's a nail trend we've been seeing on Instagram lately: aquarium nails.COOL HUH?!Aquarium nails are made by sticking on two acrylic nails together and filling them with a mixture of baby oil and whole lot of glitter and
Check out some of the best (and worst) manis from New York Fashion Week!
We love how nail art is constantly evolving and has become a fresh way to express your beauty creativity. This season, it was all about chic and simple accents-not OTT designs-which is awesome because it makes it sooo much easier
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