Basic but never boring.
Doing a perfect and flawless mani is an art, so we're almost always intimidated to pick up that bottle of polish and start painting. The good news is that there are nail art ideas you can easily DIY, and what
We're obsessed.
It might be the color of your least favorite Teletubby, but that doesn't mean purple shouldn't be your new favorite nail color.Whether it's the softest pastel lilac or the deepest aubergine, there is a shade
They're beginner-friendly!
Two of the beauty habits we understandably had to let go once the quarantine was put in place are the regular mani-pedi sessions we get to let ourselves relax and unwind after a busy work week. While we don't
Straight from a pro.
So you've decided that you'll recreate the easy manicure ideas you've seen on the internet, but you then realize that you're still a bit ~clueless~ abput the whole process. Don't worry, we&#
Kids, try these at home. Seriously.
During these times, we are encouraged to practice self-care to keep ourselves sane. Skincare and hot showers are a given, but you can elevate me-time with a DIY manicure. We know painting your own nails can be indeed challenging (perfecting
Screenshot away!
I legit can't stop thinking about summer. TBH, it's on my mind all the time. It's truly the best time of the year. And one of my favorite parts about the summer season (other than drinking
Ditch the boring white strips for these fun alternatives.
Painting my own nails is something I've been doing since I was 14. It wasn't exactly in keeping with the school's guidelines. The handbook specifically states to keep it short and natural, but I clearly wasn't a model
Enhance your beauty knowledge.
Because of COVID-19, people are advised to stay at home (aka social distancing) to prevent the rapid spread of the disease. It's a privilege that we can opt to be in our homes in the midst of a pandemic,
No need for special art skills!
The French manicure was the hottest nail art trend in the '90s, and it hasn't been absent from nail salon menus since then. Its clean and minimalist look makes it super versatile: You can wear it at the office
Why settle for one color when you can have all seven?
As a child, one of my favorite thing's to draw is a rainbow. I mean, how can you not draw something that allows you to use seven different colors from your crayon box? Also, if you are like me and you
From chrome, to glitter, to foil and more.
If there's one nail color that has yet to go out of style it's rose gold. We still can't get enough of that pinky metallic, but if you thought you'd experimented with every shade
These are so pretty!
Fun fact: I got engaged a month ago! Also fun fact: I cringed every single time someone asked to see my ring in those first few weeks because my nails looked like complete shit. But seriously, even if you think you don'
Can't stop, won't stop looking at these pics.
Let's get one thing straight: I've never been thaaat into my nails. Like, until recently, I had gotten so used to filing my nails into the same boring round shape that I kinda-sorta forgot other options existed.
The most flattering nail shade just got an upgrade.
Nude nails, it's the vaguest of trends that cover a multitude of colors: Beige, caramel, ballet-shoe pink, creamy peach, mushroom, mocha (we could go on). But what's a girl to do when muted starts to feel meh?The clever
I swear, all of these are way cute.
I've been seeing suuuuper long nails everywhere recently-Instagram, the red carpet, on celebs like Billie Eilish, Rihanna, literally everyone in the Kardashians... you get the idea. But quick question: How do you actually get anything done with those nails?
I'm... in love!
Mmmkay, so almond nails and coffin nails might have all the hype right now, but let me turn your attention real quick to a classic favorite and very underrated nail shape: the oval. More tapered than rounded nails, but softer than almond,
We want expensive-looking nails, and we want them now!
Gold is a color that always oozes glamour. Whether you go in for delicate detail on your nails or bling that blinds passers-by, there's a gold texture and style that will suit every nail shape and length.The best thing
I’m wearing these right TF now.
Every February and September, our Insta feeds are overloaded with Fashion Week content. While some people might think Fashion Week trends are unrelatab;e, I'm high-key obsessed with them. I loooove seeing all of the nail trends that come
Pretty and never boring.
An office dress code doesn't mean you have to be garbed head to toe in the most ho-hum ensemble. Even in the most strict office settings, you can wear some punch of color and interesting styles without being called out
Pastel French mani, anyone?
Listen, I'll be the first to tell you that Valentine's Day is kind of bullsh*t. IMO, February 14 is just a damn day, and whether you celebrate it or not shouldn't (and doesn't!)
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