But why...?!
We, the beauty world, collectively took a hot sec to switch our focus from wild nail art to crazy brow trends. But I'm here to tell you that nail art is back with a vengeance-this time in the form
Feast your eyes on these heart-worthy digits!
Give your digits a summer-ready makeover by trying out some of these colorful nail art ideas! P.S. If you're looking for a salon that specializes in nail art, click here.Follow Tisha on Instagram.
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The feeling of having a fresh manicure is unlike anything-even more when it's nail art! When your digits are coated in crazy shapes and embellishments, they just look so pretty and whimsical! Unlike singular nail colors, nail art allows
Creepy or cute?
Just when you thought you've seen every weird beauty trend there is, something else comes up.Korean visual artist Dain Yoon recently debuted what she calls "hair nails."A Today feature notes: "Each digit flaunts a different selfie of her face.
OK, this is seriously impressive. For everyone who's ever tried to do something ~crazy~ with their home manicure like draw literally one straight line on their nail and failed, look away! Because if you're competitive and easily jealous like me,
Kind of impractical, but SO pretty.
We knew it was only a matter of time before someone had the brilliant idea of putting unicorns and nail art together-and guess what, Cosmo girls? That day is now.Cosmo UK drew our attention to Melbourne-based nail salon The
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