'Cos they're the most popular shades of 2017!
Classics like black and beige are out, and they've been replaced by earth tones and crazy holographic shades. If you're ready to experiment with your digits this year, why not start with these trendy colors?GrayWhat makes this
We found similar shades that are locally available!
Throughout her 64-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II has been nothing but consistent when it comes to her style, her meals (she ends each day with champagne like the boss she is), and her favorite dessert. Which is why it's not
These combos make for the perfect shoefie!
Pedi sessions are one of our favorite ways to unwind on the weekends. There's just something about sinking into a cushy couch, zoning out for a few hours, and being pampered that no girl could ever resist.And at the end
It won't look messy, promise!
Fact: Unless you've had practice, doing your own nails is hard, especially if you're working with your "weaker" hand! But if you want to save some cash or don't have time to go to the salon
Step aside coffin nails.
Our friends over at Pinterest have just released their 100 for 2017, based on the top emerging trends on the site. On a side note, could you imagine what it must be like to get paid to browse Pinterest for an actual
Coolest thing we've seen today.
Step aside, manicure markers! Nail powders might have just dethroned you for the coveted title of the simplest, most mess-free way of getting nails done. Insider Beauty has us and over 100,000 other people sending up likes with this video
Reality TV star Kylie Jenner is expanding her beauty credentials by launching her own range of nail polish.Kim Kardashian's youngest sister has already experienced sell-out success with her Kylie Lip Kit lipsticks, and now she has teamed up with
Too busy you can't even go to the salon on weekends? Give this nail spa a call--they'll <i>bring</i> your nails the VIP treatment they deserve.
Shaking hands with your office/school crush whom you've been introduced to the first time... Prancing around in your new peep-toe pumps... Holding a cocktail glass while gabbing for hours on end at a hip hangout... These are just some
Every kikay chick would love to receive makeup this Christmas—especially if they’re MAC. For those who find it beyond their budget, see our tip and picks.
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