She's SO good at it.
One fine day, while we were checking out Kathryn Bernardo's Instagram page, we noticed how she always manages to subtly show off her pretty nails in photos without being too obvious. (Side note: We also learned she loves wearing different
The ultimate DIY pedi job.
Whenever I'm looking to save money (so, like, all the time), my monthly-ish trip to the nail salon is the first thing to get cut. It's not that I don't like pedicures-believe me, I
No extra tools needed.
When we hear the words "nail art," we immediately think of designs that involve complicated shapes, colors, and swirls. Which is why the newest nail trend that's taking over everyone's go-to place for inspiration (Instagram, what else?)
File this anatomically correct-looking member mani under NSFW.
Scrolling through Instagram, you never know what you're going to see. Case in point: these penis nails-which I audibly gasped over-that I came across while doing some research on nail shapes via Kylie Jenner's nail artist&#
So you can, well, *nail* your favorite.
Whether you prefer a more basic nail shape, like round or square, or an extreme look, such as a stiletto or coffin tip, here's exactly what you need to know to pull them all off."This is a very soft,
It's important to care for your nails after a mani-pedi.
We get manicures and pedicures to get pretty painted nails and to give our hands and feet TLC. But, did it ever occur to you how you can preserve your mani + pedi and your nails' health after every pampering sesh? Ahead,
Apparently all those rules from 'The Princess Diaries' are real.
It's official: Meghan Markle is living in a real-life version of The Princess Diaries. It turns out all those pointless royal rules we saw in the movie are real-and now Meghan has to obey all of them.Like
But why...?!
We, the beauty world, collectively took a hot sec to switch our focus from wild nail art to crazy brow trends. But I'm here to tell you that nail art is back with a vengeance-this time in the form
Feast your eyes on these heart-worthy digits!
Give your digits a summer-ready makeover by trying out some of these colorful nail art ideas! P.S. If you're looking for a salon that specializes in nail art, click here.Follow Tisha on Instagram.
Book an appointment now!
The feeling of having a fresh manicure is unlike anything-even more when it's nail art! When your digits are coated in crazy shapes and embellishments, they just look so pretty and whimsical! Unlike singular nail colors, nail art allows
Creepy or cute?
Just when you thought you've seen every weird beauty trend there is, something else comes up.Korean visual artist Dain Yoon recently debuted what she calls "hair nails."A Today feature notes: "Each digit flaunts a different selfie of her face.
This is your guide to the most popular nail salons in the metro.
At least once a month, we treat ourselves to a mani and pedi just because we love to feel pampered even just for an hour. So if you plan on getting your nails done and you want to look for a place
Minimalist with a twist!
Nude polish isn't the only option of classic brides who shy away from OTT manis. Here, we give you ideas to make your digits ~*extra*~ without going out of your comfort zone.1. Add a thin yellow stripe to nude nails
Something tells us this isn't what she meant...
We always thought the hardest part of the manicure process was picking your nail color. You walk into the salon telling yourself to pick a nude color because the last time you went red you hated it and there's no way
We found similar shades that are locally available!
Throughout her 64-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II has been nothing but consistent when it comes to her style, her meals (she ends each day with champagne like the boss she is), and her favorite dessert. Which is why it's not
It won't look messy, promise!
Fact: Unless you've had practice, doing your own nails is hard, especially if you're working with your "weaker" hand! But if you want to save some cash or don't have time to go to the salon
It's part of her new show's plot.
If you're a TV addict, or a Selena Gomez fan, or both, then you know that this weekend, the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why came out. And as the executive producer, Selena couldn't help but give a little
Who needs bling when you've got digits like these?
Korean nail art expert Unistella has sparked a new trend! Park Eun Kyung is the super talented woman behind designs like shattered glass nails...... and negative space nails!Her latest creation and our newest obsession? Diamond nails!This design is an accessory
If you're trying to break your habit of biting your nails, then this weird and wonderful nail art is definitely not for you. Seriously, stay far, far away-we're not responsible for any snacking and nibbling that ensues.Jessie, who
Ugh, we've been living a lie.
If you, like me, have lived your life so far being completely baffled about why you get white marks on your fingernails occasionally despite having milk in your cereal every morning, then we're about to solve the mystery.Because while most
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