People on Twitter have a few things to say.
We were all convinced that Kylie Jenner was going to name her baby Butterfly after all those hints she'd been dropping. There were the rings, the necklaces, and the nursery.We even thought she might go for Mariposa, which is
Stormi's first-ever Insta also just broke a major record.
There's no need to speculate anymore: Stormi, daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, has a last name. Not long after Kylie announced her newborn's name on Instagram on Tuesday, the makeup mogul made a slight edit to
Hear from Gloria Arroyo, Noli de Castro, Jennifer Lopez, and more.
Earlier, we shared the story of multimedia producer and Instagrammer Kris Aquino-who just happens to have the same name as THE PHILIPPINES' QUEEN OF ALL MEDIA, NBD. We figured there must be more stories out there from other people who have
That's right—Emma's not actually her real name.
Did you know that 'Emma' is not actually Emma Stone's real name?Crazy, right?Turns out when Emma-real name Emily Scott-was 16, she was told by SAG that she couldn't use her own name if she was going
Here's what it's really like to share the same name as the Queen of All Media.
Hi! I'm Kris Aquino. I'm 35 years old and a multimedia producer for ABS-CBN, where I manage the social media accounts of certain shows. I'm a fangirl; in particular, I am a huge fan of the '90s sci-
The restaurant's name, 'Huag Pho Thai,' is not pronounced the way it's spelled.
Huag Pho Thai, a restaurant serving Southeast Asian cuisine, opened in October 2016 at the Z Compound along Malingap Street at Teachers Village in Quezon City.It wasn't long before people commenting on the restaurant's Facebook page pointed out that
Especially if they mean something else in another country.
Pinoy nicknames can be funny, weird, or bizarre to foreigners, especially to the English-speaking lot. Our parents have a knack for giving us terms of endearment based on their favorite things, places, or people, and it can be a little embarrassing
And no, it's not South. Or East.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have named their baby son Saint West. The reality TV star gave birth to the little boy on December 5, and on Monday, the couple revealed their son's name in a post on Kim's website
Salt-n-Peppa wrote a song about this and it's called "None Of Your Business." (At least, I think that's what that song is about.)
1. What do I even call you?This is seriously something I was asked last week. Call me by my first and last name, like you've been doing for years. If that's confusing to you, I feel like you shouldn'
Avoid awkward encounters with acquaintances by following these steps for recalling them with ease.
1. After you meet somebody, repeat her name during your convo ("Where are you from, Jenny?") and when saying goodbye. It strengthens the neural pathways that store this info.2. Humans remember faces well, since we are visually oriented. Draw an association
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