'I' before 'e' except in Stormi's name.
Before Stormi Webster came into our collective lives and blessed us with the face of an absolute nugget, her mother Kylie Jenner had to pick the perfect name. In an interview with makeup artist James Charles, Kylie said she changed her mind
Straight from Ariana!
With a newish man in her life and an album that's everything we needed this year, Ariana Grande has been the talk of the town lately-especially after her stunning performance of "God Is A Woman" at MTV's
She named her son after an artist!
In true celebrity fashion, Divine Lee and her husband Blake Go chose a unique name for their baby boy who was born on May 5 in Cebu City."I'm Basquiat Delfin L. Go," said a post on Instagram from an
Fans are understandably freaking out.
It's been a few weeks since news of Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum's split broke, so you'd think everyone would have calmed down. But nope, absolutely not. Fans are swarming Jenna's Instagram page in
What harm did 'Catherine' ever do to anyone?
The name Charlotte might be fit for a princess, but the lovely sounding moniker isn't welcome everywhere. In fact, Portugal specifically bans parents from using it, along with other popular picks like Emily, William, and Michael.The republic's
Some will leave you shookt!
From Gigi Hadid to Calvin Harris, find out the real names of these international celebs!VIDEO: Trina Elefante Follow Jacinda on Instagram. Follow Trina on Instagram.
Have you found a favorite on the list?
Let's talk baby names. Now that we know the ones at risk of going extinct this year and the cute food-inspired names trending right now, let's get to the most popular names around the world.Because while some names
Hear from Gloria Arroyo, Noli de Castro, Jennifer Lopez, and more.
Earlier, we shared the story of multimedia producer and Instagrammer Kris Aquino-who just happens to have the same name as THE PHILIPPINES' QUEEN OF ALL MEDIA, NBD. We figured there must be more stories out there from other people who have
Here's what it's really like to share the same name as the Queen of All Media.
Hi! I'm Kris Aquino. I'm 35 years old and a multimedia producer for ABS-CBN, where I manage the social media accounts of certain shows. I'm a fangirl; in particular, I am a huge fan of the '90s sci-
And it looks like Blake Lively's ahead of the curve.
If we were Beyonce right now (side note: you'd be surprised by how many of our sentences start like this), we'd be hoping the two babies brewing in our womb were girls. Why? Because the most popular baby names for
People are so creative.
Boobs, the twins, titties, breasts-we've all probably got quite a few names we like to use when referring to our boobies-and now someone has finally put them all in one wonderful list.Before scrolling down and reading the list
Especially if they mean something else in another country.
Pinoy nicknames can be funny, weird, or bizarre to foreigners, especially to the English-speaking lot. Our parents have a knack for giving us terms of endearment based on their favorite things, places, or people, and it can be a little embarrassing
You prolly didn't know that some of your fave celebs were born with TOTALLY different names!Follow Jacinda on Twitter.***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
Salt-n-Peppa wrote a song about this and it's called "None Of Your Business." (At least, I think that's what that song is about.)
1. What do I even call you?This is seriously something I was asked last week. Call me by my first and last name, like you've been doing for years. If that's confusing to you, I feel like you shouldn'
If first impressions were based on names alone, this is what people would think of you.
What does your first name say about you?They say never judge a book by its cover, but sometimes you can't help but associate people's names with a certain image. After reading a hilarious article on Buzzfeed about what girls'
Avoid awkward encounters with acquaintances by following these steps for recalling them with ease.
1. After you meet somebody, repeat her name during your convo ("Where are you from, Jenny?") and when saying goodbye. It strengthens the neural pathways that store this info.2. Humans remember faces well, since we are visually oriented. Draw an association
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