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Gentle yet effective!
We're always on the quest for anything that can care for our underarms. TBH, we pay attention to them as much as we do our faces! That said, we searched high and low for natural skincare products you can try
It's the *best* all-natural beauty + health & wellness wonder.
Cleopatra may very well be the queen of self-care. After all, the queen loved bathing in milk and having her servants massage some royal jelly or beeswax on her skin. If this OG fan of kohl eyeliner indulged in these honey-
With products you can find right in your kitchen.
ICYDK, a scalp scrub is *essential* to maintaining healthy hair. When the scalp is clogged with product buildup (gel, hairspray, dry shampoo, or leave-in conditioner), dead skin, and oil, it will be hard for the follicles to grow properly. Plus, all
Pamper your tresses au naturel.
Making the switch to more natural beauty products? Your hair regimen might be a good place to start. We already showed you some eco-friendly shampoo bars to try, but if you're not quite ready to give up liquid shampoos,
Want a glow-up? Face mask. Want brighter skin? Face mask. Want to soothe sensitive skin? Face mask!
Self-care is all about being independent, and one practice you can try this year is DIY skin care. You can make your own skincare staples, such as your face masks. You can customize them to suit your skin type and include
A professional makeup artist shares his best hacks.
In theory, natural makeup should be easy; it's minimal, which means minimal effort, right? I wish. If, like me, you find your foundation often gets cakey, or your attempts at contouring verge on clown-like, I get it. This is
They're good for the skin and the earth!
If you're thinking of taking a break from commercial chemicals and trying out more natural options during bath time, you may want to go for handmade soaps. Fortunately, there are a lot of local brands that push for a more
Make these potions work for you!
Essential oils have been around for a while, and have been known to do wonders when properly added to skincare regimens in the right doses. For them to work, you'll need to first know the basics and the safety precautions
Treat your mane with these 'green' products.
Switch your haircare routine to one that's more environmentally friendly with these products!Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo, P149.75, Beauty BarBeach Born Classy Not Brassy Purple Conditioner, P198, BeachBorn.phOriginal & Mineral No Knott Conditioning Detangler, P450/50ml, Sephora.phOrganic Alley
Especially if you suffer from acne.
In recent years, coconut oil has been hailed as something of a multi-tasking miracle beauty product. But it turns out that it might not be the lord and savior of all things skin related after all.I recently attended an adult
Her before-and-after selfies will blow your mind.
Dealing with adult acne usually calls for derma procedures and topical + oral medication, especially in severe cases. But Denise Larsson, a certified micro-nutrient specialist, took a different route: She relied on natural products to clear her skin. Curious to know what
It's now easier to go green!
Before, the concept of having a green beauty routine meant shelling out thousands of pesos. But with the growth of local brands coming out with natural (which are also sometimes cruelty-free and vegan) products, it has become easier to do so!
Confidently beautiful either way!
Makeup-free selfies are not the easiest thing to post on social media, but that's clearly not a problem with this year's crop of Miss Universe candidates. These women look gorgeous even without (or barely any) makeup!Miss Aruba Charlene
And make it glow!
Serums with snail mucus, face creams with placenta-when it comes to the skincare industry, no ingredient is too strange or unconventional. Many beauty enthusiasts have learned to be open-minded when it comes to the newest developments in the realm of
Angel brought a vibrant energy to the set of her fifth Cosmo cover shoot! View our gallery of over 100 exclusive outtakes from her fun, casual shoot.
Though we all love to see our favorite celebs looking stunning in glam outfits, it's nice to see them dressed down sometimes to glimpse what they might be like outside of their glitzy careers. That's why when we shot Angel
Learn how YOU can achieve the light, glowing look naturally gorgeous Angel had on <i>two</i> Cosmo covers this month!
With Beauty, Breakups, and Bouncing Back as the theme of our August issue, Angelica Panganiban was the obvious choice for the cover--not just of the magazine, but also of the free Cosmopolitan Beauty supplement (which features the winners of the prestigious
See how we primped our fresh-faced cover girl for Cosmo's beauty issue in 100+ exclusive outtakes.
Angelica Panganiban has been through many ups and downs in the public eye, from awards and family reunions, to feuds and relationship intrigues. But, the thing that sets her apart from other showbiz personalities is her ability to stay strong (and well
The feisty, naturally pretty TV and movie star sparkles in sexy dresses in various shades of green. View loads of outfit and shoe ideas to get the look.
Some celebs rely on heavy makeup and good lighting to make themselves look flawless on screen, but Angelica Panganiban is one of the special ones who possess natural beauty--with or without much primping. She just looks great in anything.When the
We're giving you exclusive access to how we prettified the TV/movie star for her July 2011 Cosmo cover! Click through our step-by-step gallery.
This month's cover girl may have been all dolled up in the season's hottest color, scarlet, but what really stood out from her glossy pages was her flawless and radiant look. Toni Gonzaga's doll-like beauty radiates wide-eyed
A firm believer in natural beauty, KC tells Cosmo what she finds beautiful in five celebrated women.