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No chemicals. Just chamomile and cinnamon!
The very first time I bleached my hair was in a science class, when we were doing some sort of experiment with hydrogen peroxide. I was 14, very bored, and it seemed like a fantastic way to experiment with hydrogen peroxide. (In
Learn how we created the flirty, natural-looking makeup looks in our "Get The Afterglow" beauty editorial, found in the February 2012 issue.
Men always say they love seeing the no-makeup look on women, but we want to qualify that: while a lot of men really don't like seeing a lot of gunk on our face, what they really relish seeing is that
Angel brought a vibrant energy to the set of her fifth Cosmo cover shoot! View our gallery of over 100 exclusive outtakes from her fun, casual shoot.
Though we all love to see our favorite celebs looking stunning in glam outfits, it's nice to see them dressed down sometimes to glimpse what they might be like outside of their glitzy careers. That's why when we shot Angel
Learn how YOU can achieve the light, glowing look naturally gorgeous Angel had on <i>two</i> Cosmo covers this month!
With Beauty, Breakups, and Bouncing Back as the theme of our August issue, Angelica Panganiban was the obvious choice for the cover--not just of the magazine, but also of the free Cosmopolitan Beauty supplement (which features the winners of the prestigious
See how we primped our fresh-faced cover girl for Cosmo's beauty issue in 100+ exclusive outtakes.
Angelica Panganiban has been through many ups and downs in the public eye, from awards and family reunions, to feuds and relationship intrigues. But, the thing that sets her apart from other showbiz personalities is her ability to stay strong (and well
The feisty, naturally pretty TV and movie star sparkles in sexy dresses in various shades of green. View loads of outfit and shoe ideas to get the look.
Some celebs rely on heavy makeup and good lighting to make themselves look flawless on screen, but Angelica Panganiban is one of the special ones who possess natural beauty--with or without much primping. She just looks great in anything.When the
The young singing sensation shares with Cosmo the many contents of her forest green purse.
Eighteen-year-old Frencheska Farr has left us spellbound. The singer-actress (who recently graced the pages of Cosmo as one of our Fun, Fearless Female Awardees for 2011) is a breath of fresh air with her youthful exuberance and positive attitude.
Summer's coming to a close, so make time for that one final getaway! Camarines Sur has the perfect mix of exciting and relaxing activities to enjoy with your man or your <i>barkada.</i>
You probably know Camarines Sur for its watersports complex (and its wakeboarding hunk, May Cosmo Online Hunk Miguel Villafuerte) and you might think it's only a favorite destination for the extreme-sports-inclined, but there are plenty of other fun things
When gift-shopping, try to get something that helps the environment. Make a difference this Christmas with these eco-friendly picks.
If the holiday rush is stressing you out as early as now--with so much shopping to do and so little time (or money!)--here's a great idea that would spare you the stress of figuring out what to give people:
Cosmo gives you the skinny on all-natural and organic products that are all over beauty counters and stores these days.