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Because negativity is contagious!
People exude negativity in various ways: by telling you that you can't achieve anything or can't do a particular task; by always seeing the worst in things; by snapping and lashing out at you nearly all the time; or by
Hay, sobrang BV.
Everybody vents. It's something we can't control or avoid. But we're sure you have that ONE friend who can't go a day without complaining about something. "Ang panget ng pagkain sa pantry.""Ang haba naman ng pila!""My
Don't let <i>nega</i> vibes get the best of you. We'll teach you how to transform your unpleasant emotions into something positive.
We've all heard that old saying about turning fate's lemons into lemonade. In our modern lives, this would translate to catching up on chick lit at the airport while waiting for endlessly delayed stormy-weather flights, turning a former potted
We're all about sisterhood, but some gals are too self-centered to be BFF material: the sob sister, drama queen, and Ms. <i>Daldal.</i> Here's how to deal.
There is a certain sense of solidarity in being a woman and going through the same things our girlfriends go through. But, there are some types of gals who just don't know how to get past their own interests, and trying