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Yup, the episodes are inspired by real events and news reports.
Let our response be: 'Brilliant, amazing, I love it!'
Song Joong Ki has already cemented his name in the industry with his acting chops in the characters he has portrayed-we have seen him transform into a werewolf boy, a soldier, and a space pilot, to name a few. But his
Callan's hair went through *a lot* while filming the movie.
20120 rom-com Flipped is now available on Netflix (thank goodness), and we are all reminiscing about our childhood first loves! The movie is told from the point of view of Bryce and Juli: Juli has had a crush on Bryce FOR
It's possibly going to be a *series*!
We all know the true star of the To All The Boys movie adaptations was really Kitty Song Covey (Anna Cathcart) all along. Sure, Margot (Janel Parrish) and Lara Jean (Lana Condor) were important, too, but we wouldn't be anywhere
Go Yoon Jung's bare-faced selfies are out of this world.
Law School, JTBC's new legal drama starring Kim Bum and Ryu Hye Young (I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS PAIRING, OKAY?) aired its first two episodes on Netflix this week, and we're already hooked! The series tells
It's based on the popular webtoon, 'Annarasumanara'!
Manhwa fans, here's another K-drama adaptation you should look forward to: Netflix just announced the confirmed cast for The Sound Of Magic, based on the popular Naver webtoon, Annarasumanara. The upcoming series will be produced by JTBC along with
Lady Whistledown has spoken!
Some amazing news: Bridgerton has been renewed for seasons three and four!It's official. The series made the announcement on its Twitter account, ala a report from resident gossip columnist Lady Whistledown herself."Esteemed members of the Ton," the message
They asked him to guest star for three to five episodes!
In case you missed the devastating news (KIM KARDASHIAN AND I ARE NOT OKAY), The Duke of Hastings, aka Regé-Jean Page won't be returning to Bridgerton Season 2. And apparently he turned down a truly huge payday.According to
He got his big break in the beloved 2012 series, 'Reply 1997!'
Seo In Guk (aka one of South Korea's *BEST KISSERS*) is definitely more than his kilig-inducing kissing scenes. The 33-year-old Hallyu star actually got his start in the industry as a singer when he was hailed the
When was the last time you watched a series and you didn't check your phone?
It was the finale we'd waited almost a decade for. The living room lights were off, the snacks were lined up across the coffee table. The conditions were perfect. I pressed play and eagerly looked over at my boyfriend as
They're all our favorites!
The best K-dramas always have the most remarkable characters: There are personalities that just live in our minds rent-free for a long time. Bonus points if they can make us laugh so hard and touch our hearts at the same
Girl's been booked and busy in the mid-2000s!
Park Bo Young is one hardworking Hallyu actress. Don't believe me? Well, she booked her first acting job in 2006-when she was only 16 years old, mind you-and hasn't stopped working since then! Now 31, Bo
From an epic masturbating scene, a quickie-in-the-rain adventure, and more.
When Bridgerton dropped in December of last year, I'm pretty sure everyone's libidos perked the hell up-mine included. You just couldn't ignore the fact that a good portion of the plot involved very hot people
In case you needed an even bigger dose of that the-world-is-ending feeling.
There's nothing like a good old apocalypse movie to make you feel alive again. We know the general mood right now is making you feel like you're living out the last days of Earth as we humans know
One fun and feel-good movie will soon be available on Netflix. Four Sisters Before The Wedding, the prequel to the much-loved film Four Sisters And A Wedding, will be streaming on the platform soon. Yay!The prequel, which stars Alexa
Don't worry, a special episode will be broadcasted instead!
Heads up, fellow Vincenzo fans-our favorite K-drama will have a one-week break, which means that an episode will be rescheduled. Episodes 15 and 16 will continue their broadcast on April 10 and 11 (aka this weekend) and we will
Charithra Chandran is sooo pretty!
Yes, I'm kinda bummed too: the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page) will not be coming back for Season 2 of the hit Netflix series Bridgerton. But as a mature ~grown-up~, I shall move past it and focus on
We've got a new Korean movie on our radar!
Fans of ~real~ romance stories, this new Korean film is just for you! Hallyu star Krystal Jung has successfully transitioned from famed K-pop idol to a legit actress over the years and is starring in the upcoming Netflix movie, Sweet & Sour.
His departure isn't because of any kind of falling out between him and the hit Netflix series.
This weekend, we were hit with the devastating news that The Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset, aka Regé-Jean Page, won't be returning to Bridgerton Season 2.And now, the reason why Regé is leaving Bridgerton has been revealed.Thankfully,
You will never run out of series to watch!
We're now on episode 13 of the top-rating Netflix drama Vincenzo and okay, can we please stop time so that it won't end? Sa totoo lang, it's the only thing we've been looking