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Saving these looks ASAP.
One of the things we *love* about Miles Ocampo is her chic sense of style. The 24-year-old actress has a collection of neutral basics that she likes to mix and match. The result? She always looks so put-together-plus,
Earth tones forever.
If you ask us, neutral-colored pieces are a must in our wardrobe because they make dressing up a breeze. When you stick to muted colors like black, brown, white-and even some of the new neutral tones like pastel pink, olive,
You can never go wrong with earth tones.
Need a foolproof OOTD? We suggest going with neutral-colored pieces. Black, brown, white, taupe, beige, and olive-these are all hues that are pleasing to the eyes, so you can layer them as much as you want. They can, however, have