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You'll ~love it like that~.
The ~steamy~ K-drama Nevertheless did not just give us butterflies and made us choose between the main and second lead-it also served as our outfit peg! As you can see, each of the characters has a unique style that sets
It comes in three different colors!
If you've been keeping up with the latest K-dramas this year, we're sure you've been noticing your favorite characters using a variety of the most recent Samsung smart phone releases. Keen, techie viewers might even
There's a style for everyone!
For the past few weeks, we've all been wrapped up and absorbed in the rollercoaster of a journey that was Yu Na Bi and Park Jae Eon's relationship. Whether or not you've hopped onto the Nevertheless train yourself-stressing
The set comes in three different designs.
If there's anything we liked about the Nevertheless finale, it's that our favorite couple, Sol and Ji Wan, was treated just like any other heterosexual pairing on the show. Throughout the 10th episode, the best friends turned girlfriends
Here's the good, better, best, and worst. Which romance do you love most?
The Korean drama Nevertheless has not been the best show lately. Nevertheless, it has stirred so many tweets and conversations because of the realistic characters and dating styles these days. Which romance do you love most? Cosmo lists down the good, better,
She loves reading poetry!
After gaining a loyal following thanks to her breakout role on Nevertheless, there's no denying that rookie actress Yoon Seo Ah is yet another fresh face to look out for. You've most likely seen this adorable charmer'
We can't wait for her to rightfully land her first main role!
Despite her limited screen time in Nevertheless, rising actress Lee Ho Jung has completely won us over, which is why we rounded up 10 fast facts any new fan should know about her. However, our deep dive into all things Ho Jung
Most of Yoon Sol's pieces came straight from Lee Ho Jung's closet!
Just when we thought we reached our threshold for loving Lee Ho Jung, she turns around and proves us wrong. As it turns out, more than just an effective actress, she's also quite the style savvy queen. Her Instagram proves
And she ended up being the lead in the drama adaptation!
Just like you, your favorite Korean celebs also read manhwas or webtoons. To show how much they love a certain story, they would usually recommend it via their social media accounts (like BTS' V who shared his thoughts on the tearjerker,
Lee Ho Jung appeared in a BIGBANG music video!
Aaaand we're back with another roundup of familiar faces in K-dramas! This time, we're putting the spotlight on the series that gave us the butterflies, aka Nevertheless. Unless you've been living under a rock, content
It looks amazing on medium skin tones!
We aren't surprised that Nevertheless' Do Hyuk, played by Chae Jong Hyeop, has had everyone's second male lead syndrome back on full speed. His sweet, shy demeanor is just so charming, especially during that one moment on
Fun fact: She once shaved off her hair for a movie role.
There seems to be a consensus online that if you're not watching JTBC's Nevertheless for the main love triangle, then you're most likely in it for the infuriatingly heart-thumping slow burn between childhood best friends Yoon
We love how each artwork in the room reflects her personality.
When we're watching K-dramas, we tend to check out the things that go on in the background as well-like the setting of each scene. The set of every K-drama adds something ~extra~ to how each scene unfolds,
Everyone, meet our ~Potato Boy.~
Thanks to Nevertheless, it seems like more and more people are swooning over our potato boy, Chae Jong Hyeop! And we totally get why: Aside from his endearing character in the drama, Jong Hyeop's smile can make anyone smile! He&#
The actor has acknowledged the controversy.
The production team of Nevertheless has decided to reduce Kim Min Gwi's scenes in the drama, after he admitted to the cheating allegations thrown at him.In an article by Soompi, it was reported that Kim Min Gwi's
Siri, play "Love Me Like That" by Sam Kim.
The first time I read about Nevertheless' plot (from news sites, not the webtoon version), I thought it's going to be a love story set in college. You know, the usual storyline in K-dramas where a kissing scene
From commitment issues to creepy behaviors, we hope you steer clear of partners like these.
Some K-drama characters are impossibly dreamy. Take the fabulous five of Hospital Playlist, for example. Each one of them is practically perfect. On the flip side, there are nightmarish fictional guys (and girls!). They bear big, bright red flags from head
Things are about to get hot and heavy.
When we watch a k-ilig romance drama, we know we're in for some really good slow burn love with attractive leads and great cinematography (hopefully, a killer soundtrack too!). While we do get swoon-worthy kisses, they hardly get hot
We can totally see the resemblance!
With just three episodes released, the Netflix series Nevertheless has already caught everyone's attention! It's a romance K-drama about two art students who have different views about love. Does the plot sound like a typical kilig narrative?
She actually graduated with an art degree!
Han So Hee is once again stealing the limelight with yet another steamy K-drama. Riding off the groundbreaking success of her 2020 JTBC series A World Of Married Couple, the 26-year-old is stepping into the leading lady role this