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On to ~*bigger and brighter*~ things!
Admit it: Every time a new year rolls around, you feel a sudden urge to achieve ~*bigger and brighter things*~. And this year, the feeling is heightened because we're entering 2020-it's not just a new year, but
You can do it, bb!
It's 'bout that time again: Time to make a promise to yourself that you'll transform yourself into a better you in the next 12 months. You'll read more books! Run a marathon! Stop being late
Here's Ryza being a much-needed savings inspo for 2020.
With 2020 just around the corner, people are starting to share their new year's resolutions. And just like any other year, one of the most common goals is to "spend less and save more."But after our yearly attempt to
Who knew I had so much time?
I used to be a notorious latecomer. I was that person who would come to class late even when she lived in a dorm just a few blocks away, that person who would sprint through the airport because her name was already
'I’ve never felt better in my life.'
Ah, nothing like a new year to make us aim to be better-or at the very least, make us reject all the partying, binge-drinking, and hangover-having of the holiday season. It's no surprise that "drinking less" is one
Experts explain how to have the most fun, varied, and intimate sex life.
Whatever your attitude towards new year's resolutions is, January is undoubtedly a time for reflection. And having a good old sit down to really think about what you want is always essentially a good thing. Whether you're dating
New year, new love life.
The best thing about New Year's Eve are the New Year's resolutions it gives you an excuse to make. Yes, you can make little promises to change certain things in your life any time of year, but the
There's no better time than now to start doing them.
From (finally) wearing sunscreen on your face every day, to drinking more water, these are the New Year's resolutions you can do if you want to achieve smoother, softer, hydrated, and clearer skin this year!It's time to
She might be a Duchess, but she's got the same gross habits as you.
Meghan Markle may look like the polished picture of perfection every time she leaves the house, but rest assured: she's not perfect. She's got some of the same bad habits as you.Just to remind us all that
Because New Year’s resolutions are bound to fail.
According to a psychological study, 80 percent of New Year's resolutions fail by February. Statistic Brain backs this up by revealing that only 9.2 percent actually felt they were successful in achieving their resolutions in 2017.It starts with holiday
We reveal the right resolution for you.
Make 2018 the chapter that you look back on as having made a real difference in your life's story.Reading? Really?? It's OK, Aries, you push yourself hard enough as it is. This resolution is about relaxation, free *
Her new year looks brighter than ever!
Our January Cosmo cover girl Kathryn Bernardo is starting her year big! Watch as Kath talks about what she wants this new year-her ultimate vacay spot, her 21st birthday plans, and her biggest dream for 2017!VIDEO: Jean Saturnino Follow Jean
He can maybe, actually commit to these.
1. Put the phones away when you're spending quality time together. If you're like any couple that's settled into a routine, it's tempting to lie down next to each other and just flick through your phones. It's
Quit obsessively checking your email!
1. Make the day's to-do list the night before.Spending just a few minutes each night to plan the day ahead and prioritize tasks will do wonders for your productivity. When you start the next day already knowing what to
Let it go, let it goooooooo. (You totally sang that one, didn't you?)
1. Let go of the awful memories you keep replaying in your head.Those painful recollections of heartbreak and humiliation are just memories-they don't exist in the now. Don't give them the power to affect your present by continuing
"New Year, new me!" STFU.
1. The one with the new profile picture.What better way to ring in the New Year than with a banging new look, presented to the world via a perfectly composed, expertly filtered profile pic? Let the Facebook "like" barrage begin! *fireworks*
Time to let it go.
1. Putting off gym time. You want to look amazing in a bikini, right? Like, Coleen Garcia? Get on that elliptical machine and burn those calories! 2. Binging on junk food. Clean out your pantry and shop for healthier options in the
Make it YOUR year.
1. Work out regularly. Or at least twice or thrice a week. Seriously, it's totally doable! 2. Eat healthier. Minimize your fast food runs and bring baon to work, instead of eating out every day. 3. Let go of all the
If you want something, you have to go out and get it. Nothing is going to just fall into your lap.
There are two types of people in this world:1. Those who wait for their dreams to fall into their laps and sit around waiting for opportunities to present themselves. 2. Those who know nothing falls into anyone's lap, and if