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Does he rely on <i>just</i> SMS to make the moves on you? Find out why that may not always be a good thing.
Your text inbox likely has a slew of messages sent to you by guys you know-from "Wassup, hottie?" to "Can I see u 2nyt?" Nowadays, texting is more popular than ever: Market Research International reports that one out of two Pinoys
Having trouble finding Mr. Right? Learn to spot a keeper (or loser) right away by following these pointers.
It's really hard to pick out the good guys from the totally wrong ones these days, and we can't help but wonder in frustration if there's anyone single out there we can call our good catch. Even celebrities aren'
They might not show it, but guys may have fears, too, in the beginning of a relationship.
Get to see the real him in these common yet very telling scenarios.
It usually takes months to uncover a dude's true character. But, "most men unknowingly reveal everything about themselves," says Caroline Presno, EdD, author of Profiling Your Date. "If you keep your eyes open, you'll see past the surface so you
Master these moves, and your new guy will keep wanting you--for good!
1. Be a tad bad. Hint at your naughty side while staying on your best behavior. After he gives you a steamy kiss, say "It's a good thing you can't tell what I'm thinking right now." When he presses
Are you wondering why guys aren't chatting you up left and right? Turn into a man-magnet with these easy tricks.
Do you ever go out sometimes and feel like guys aren't giving you the attention you deserve, and you can't figure out why? That used to happen to me, too. Then I became a part-time "wingwoman"-a girl who
You and your guy are great together, but he's starting to get distant and you have no idea why. Is he afraid of commitment? Find out!
You and your new man have gone from casual dating to bona fide coupledom when he suddenly starts acting jittery and distant...and you're left wondering What the hell did I do wrong? Well, probably nothing, at least in the rational
There are a few things guys love to hear from a romantic prospect when they first start dating. Find out what they are.
There are certain phrases that guys just can't resist. Bust out the following lines in the early days of dating. Sources: Susan Campbell, PhD, author of Saying What's Real; Herb Goldberg, PhD, author of What Men Still Don't Know
Is your boyfriend the type who's super restless and always needs to be doing something? Here's how you can get some quality time with him.
Sure, he'll spot the hot dress you wore, but that's not all he'll take note of. What do guys pay attention to on Date #1?
You wore a hot outfit, made dazzling conversation, and resisted the urge to lick the chocolate off your dessert plate. So it's fair to say you passed his first-date test, right? Well, later on, when he's replaying the evening
Don't understand why that guy you like is sooo <i>torpe</i>? Here are a few possibilities.
You'd be surprised at how even the most macho, siga ng barangay, alpha males get tongue-tied when speaking to a girl they really like. When it comes to asking her out, the internal debate we experience would put a political
Are you greeting 2010 with a new guy in mind? Make him yours this year by dishing these lines!
If you want that new guy you've been seeing to be yours in 2010--and stay with you for the entire year and longer--here are three lines you should bust out to win him over completely. 1. "That's hilarious!"