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Fact: You can never have too many sneakers. Of course, among all the shoes in our collection, none are as versatile as our pairs in white! However, if you're looking to change things up, how about trying white kicks with
We're wondering who gave it!
Our pambansang krung krung Sandara Park just added another pair of sneakers to her massive shoe collection and it's ~extra special~!Dara is a certified sneakerhead and she has hundreds (if not thousands) of shoes that come in different designs
How are you, #Daragon stans???
The *undisputed* King of K-pop G-Dragon is back with another Nike collab and you know what that means-he will be giving a number of his limited edition shoes to those who are close to his heart. And like what
She can go from elegant to street-chic!
One of the many reasons why we love Sandara Park is because of her impeccable style. If you take a look at her IG account, you will see how her sartorial choices can go from cute and casual to elegant and posh,
A teen with cerebral palsy collaborated with them for the design.
By this time, you might have already seen Jimmy Fallon's video where he talks about pitching a "step-lock" shoe design to Nike. The idea was that a person would literally step into what looks like an unhinged shoe and
Dara really holds a special place in Jiyong's heart.
As a #Daragon stan, my hobbies include watching every single video available on the internet that mentions my fave second-gen K-pop idols, Sandara Park and G-Dragon. I recently found one on YouTube that got me squealing and so, so
Our ultimate oppa is a certified sneakerhead!
Park Seo Joon looks good in anything. We mean, who else can sport that chestnut haircut and still look handsome? When it comes to fashion, our ultimate oppa is a pro in street style, and we can't help but notice
A penthouse in one of the most expensive areas in Seoul? Only king GD.
In 2017, CNN published an article titled "50 Reasons Why Seoul Is The World's Greatest City." Of course, you'll immediately expect the list to include how great the food is and how scenic the tourist spots are in
You can shop from home!
Sneakerheads, if you're itching to shop for brand-new sneakers but don't want to feel guilty after splurging, we're here to enable you: Sports Central is having an online Super Sneaker Sale and we spotted kicks
They were customized, too!
On November 24, Sandara Park showed up at a private fashion event in Seoul in support of YG Entertainment labelmate and friend G-Dragon as he participated in a live art performance with Nike, Soompi reported.Sandara received three pairs of Nike
Just days after Big Bang member G-Dragon got discharged from mandatory military service, the K-pop singer announced that he has collaborated with Nike on a fresh take on the sportswear brand's iconic Air Force 1 shoe.Dubbed as the
Credit cards at the ready!
Having enough shoes is definitely not in our vocabulary. There's always something new to look forward to in the world of sneakers, so you better keep your eyes peeled for the latest and hottest pairs. Here, we've rounded
It's worth the price talaga!
The Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers are all over the internet. You can find it in most OOTDs of style influencers and even on people IRL.The white sneakers' classic shape and comfy design make it a hit with fans (both
BRB, adding this pair to our sneaker collection!
Nike's classic Cortez sneakers have quite an interesting history that dates as far back as the '60s. Even after five decades on the market, the silhouette remains popular. In fact, Nike continues to revamp the kicks with fresh new
We're obsessed!
There's nothing like a classic sneaker. The timeless designs that date as far back as the '70s and '80s (when rubber kicks first rose to popularity) still remain stylish today. Plus, OG silhouettes are constantly getting revamped with
Will the Nike Joyride Run Flyknit change my hate-hate relationship with running?
I am what you would call a reluctant runner. I've attempted-on several occasions-to get into the habit of running at least once a week, but I find that it just doesn't excite me. I might even
It's titled, 'Never Stop Winning.'
ICYMI, the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team dominated the Netherlands, 2-0, at the 2019 World Cup finals, thereby securing their fourth FIFA championship title. It's the fifth time the USWNT played at the World Cup finals;
After testing them myself, here's what I discovered.
I pick my sneakers for fashion, not function, and as someone who has a love-hate relationship with running (childhood asthma memories, ask me later) and the gym (too boring, would rather go spinning), it just makes things less complicated if I
It was a lot of mental prepping more than physical.
It was a hot Sunday afternoon in March when I found myself doing basketball drills at the Nike Hypercourt in BGC. There I was: Suited and laced up in head-to-toe Nike, nervously dribbling a ball with some of the country'
The design kits are only available at Commonwealth Rockwell until November 23!
If you're a white sneaker enthusiast, you know that getting anything on your sneakers easily qualifies as an absolute nightmare. But if we told you that you were actually encouraged to draw on your kicks, would that change your mind?