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Lengthen the lifespan of your ~breast~ friends.
ICYDK, nipple covers are a *must-have* in every girl's closet. It's the closest thing you can get to going commando when you aren't comfortable ditching your bra and freeing the nipple just yet! Plus, there
They'll be your breast friends (heh).
Hello! Here's a fact about me: I hate wearing bras-especially now that there's really no reason to use one, apart from the few times I had to go out of the house to buy some essentials. I
Check out this list of killer outfits you can totally sport!
Thank you, Julia Barretto, ~*unofficial*~ queen of flat-chested girls, for your honesty. Ever since the day Julia confessed on national television that she couldn't be bothered with bras because "walang kakapitan," all the flat-chested Pinays watching her applauded in
Time to go braless!
Let's face it, bras can be very uncomfortable. No matter your cup size, it's for certain that females everywhere do have something to complain about brassieres. Sure, they hold up your assets, but they can get uncomfortable with poking wires
Yas, queen!
After revealing that she's on Team Nipple Tape because "walang kakapitan ang bra" and hoarding 100 packs of the stuff, Julia Barretto has been crowned queen of all flat-chested ladies. A fan tweeted her, "Long live the queen of the
Just like us, Julia Barretto is all too familiar with the discomforts that come with wearing a bra. On Tonight with Boy Abunda last week, she revealed she uses nipple tape because "walang kakapitan ang bra so mas masakit talaga." And yesterday,
Say bye to pesky visible bra straps!
I still need to get out of the house on my laziest days, whether it be for work or for running errands. 100% of the time, I absolutely hate having to put on a bra when rushing, and can you blame me?