Here are all the 69 winners!
For the first time ever, the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards is 100 percent digital! This means you get to instantly share these top-notch products with your friends with just a tap of your finger, or screencap your faves so you can refer
You can easily buy the first one at the supermarket.
Stay protected and matte every day!
Do regular facial sunscreens leave your complexion greasy and sticky? Well, these nine won't! You'll love their lightweight texture and fresh finish. You will actually look forward to wearing sun protection every day. ;)Nivea Sun Immediate White Facial
You will no longer be a hot, sticky mess.
Here's a beauty problem most Pinay girls can relate to: Lotion is a bitch to apply after showering, because it's sticky. It's even more inconvenient if you're planning to wear jeans. Hassle 'di
Need more swimwear ideas? Check out Charina Sarte's new swimsuit collection, made in collaboration with Nivea Sun and the Department of Tourism.
Scouting for the best swimwear is one of the many things that make summer so much fun! If you have yet to lay eyes on the perfect swimsuit for you, check out the new collection of fabulous local designer Charina Sarte. Her
NIVEA Lip Care glammed up one lucky girl then treated her to a lavish dinner, where she was able to show off her new look!
What's a New Year without a makeover? partnered with NIVEA Lip Care to give one girl the chance to have a glam new look for 2012 through NIVEA Lip Care's Facebook application game. We finally chose the lucky
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