These semi-permanent treatments will make you ditch your makeup bag!
Can't leave the house without filling in your kilay? Or applying your go-to lipstick for a splash of color? Here's an idea: why not get these features semi-permanently tattooed by an expert so you can spare yourself a
Always a classic.
The no-makeup look will always be a classic choice for everyone. Although it's simple, it highlights one's natural features and produces a fresh, youthful effect. The usual elements of this natural look are as follows: A light
Light and fresh!
We've got great news for you: You don't need to spend an hour putting on layers of makeup to fake glowing skin. In fact, Kim Kardashian shared in her video collab with YouTube beauty guru, NikkieTutorials, that her sister Khloe'
Avoid being greeted 'Happy Foundation Day.'
We wish we were born with smooth AF skin, but most of us occasionally get a blemish. Some even live with acne on a daily basis. And to fake amazing skin, we pile on lots of foundation and concealer to camouflage every
They're beautiful no matter what.
It's no secret that behind every celebrity is a team of beauty professionals making sure their physical features are perfect. In other words, they most definitely do not wake up like how you see them on television or the magazine. So,
Become a pro at this beauty look with the help of these step-by-step videos!
When it comes to the biggest beauty trend that's been around for a while, less is always more! Or at least it looks a lot like it. Since the whole no-makeup makeup look is perfect for all face shapes, skin
The brave beauty queens took part in a #ConfidentlyBeautiful hashtag campaign.
While the 80 beauty queens competing during the Miss Universe pageant finale, which is on December 21, Monday, would (most likely) not be caught dead making their grand entrance on the main stage sans pageant makeup-and Vaseline for a shiny smile!-
Natural beauty reigns.
Celebrities may have to wear makeup most of the time, but even they have to give their skin a chance to breathe, too! Scroll down and see the stars who dared to go bare-faced and still looked as amazing as ever!
One word: FRESH.
With or without makeup? Click through the gallery and let us know what you think of these au naturel A-listers!
<i>Katy Perry: Part of Me</i> shows fans two sides of the California Gurl: the playful pop superstar and the bare-faced beauty. Which look do you dig on her?
As part of our beauty month MO, we've been posting a spate of celebrity polls to find out your thoughts on the evolving looks of a few stars; namely, Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, and Miley Cyrus. To round up our series
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