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Mind blown!
To all pancit canton enthusiasts and pasta lovers, listen up. We've been doing a crucial step incorrectly all this time. We've been draining noodles the wrong way!We were all taught to place the noodles in a plastic
It's only available until August 15!
When it comes to their Signature Kings, Ramen Nagi seems to always know what we want-even if it's not exactly what you would traditionally have on ramen. Case in point: Their Signature King for the month of August is
Is it worth it?
Taiwan is known for its delicious eats, but one of the country's most iconic dishes is beef noodle soup. You'd be hard-pressed to find a local restaurant that doesn't serve it. But Niu Ba Ba is on another
Should Kylie add 'chef' to her CV?
Many of us know that Kylie Jenner did not invent lippies, but with the help of her ~*excellent*~ marketing team, the Kween's Lip Kits have taken over the beauty industry. And it looks like Kylie isn't stopping there. On August
Spice, spice, baby!
Are you sick of going to the mall? Too tired for an inuman session? Or maybe you're too broke to go food-tripping with your friends. We recommend calling up your barkada and trying out the Fire Noodle Challenge! Hailing