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This is not a drill, iPhone users!
Everyone knows how nudes work. You give them, receive them, maybe even actually honk off to them when you say you are. Sometimes they can be an intimate thing between partners, and sometimes the guy on the bus air-dropping his peen
Kendall Jenner has a long history of wearing very daring looks on the red carpet. Seriously, the girl seemingly has no fear. But, despite this track record of barely-there looks, she might have just outdone herself.She rolled up to The
These classic shades will look great on everyone.
Lipsticks in everyday shades will never go out of style. Classic hues like dusty rose, mauve, caramel, and toasted browns will ALWAYS look good on everyone, regardless of the skin tone and occasion. That said, we curated the fresh drops you can
I sat naked for 15 minutes so that strangers could draw me; it was wonderful.
And we're so very grateful.
A little less than a decade ago, the Warwick rowers launched their first nude calendar-something we're all very thankful for, I'm sure. What you might not know, however, is that the calendar serves as a public awareness
Which one can give your digits the most naked shade?
We can't deny the importance of nude polish in every woman's kikay life: It makes the nails look prettier, cleaner, and healthier. We know there are tons of naked shades available in the market, so to help you decipher which
Going shirtless in public is a no-no, but there are exemptions.
The season of high temperatures is upon us, but the city of Muntinlupa in Metro Manila won't allow anyone to walk around shirtless in public. The local government is putting a stop to the practice of people (mostly men) going around
Keep this in mind when you're sexting.
If we're being honest, we've all probably sent a racy photo once or twice in our lives. And you know what? There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with that. Unless it was done out of coercion, sexting can actually feel
Is that you, Kanye?
Instagram/kimkardashianKim Kardashian has blasted Bette Midler, Chloe Grace Moretz and Piers Morgan for criticizing her nude selfie.The 35-year-old reality television star left fans stunned when she posted an entirely naked picture of herself on her Twitter page, with
Well, it's for charity too.
Lady Gaga and fiancé Taylor Kinney have put their love on full display by posing naked on the cover of V magazine after having sex on a paint canvas.The American Horror Story: Hotel star and Taylor are completely nude and covered
It's an end of an era.
Pamela Anderson is Playboy magazine's very last nude model.Two months after bosses at the men's publication announced they would stop featuring pictures of naked women, they confirmed that Pam, who has posed for the magazine several times, received a
Once you hit send, there's no going back.
The last thing anyone wants is to be involved in a nude photo (or sex video) scandal. Imagine having your privacy violated because your personal pictures ended up in the wrong hands. It is degrading, humiliating, and downright cruel. Jennifer Lawrence, Kate
Models and real-life couple Jessica Yang and John James Uy bring chemistry on set for our romantic "Crazy in Love" fashion shoot. See the chic ensembles they wore to get the same look for you and your guy!
They say that when two people are in love, they start to resemble each other. And it goes without saying that when we ladies are swept up in blissful l'amour, we want to look every inch as radiant and beautiful as
Want to tantalize your man before the deed? Tease him with a private strip show where he can look, but he can’t touch.