Hint: There's a ~big~ difference.
It's no secret that nurses are some of the most underpaid professionals in the Philippines. Despite their rigorous studies and tough exams, nurses get offensively small salaries. This is why we can't blame those who aspire to work abroad, where
Nothing can really prepare you to watch one of your patients die.
1. Unlike most specialists, you need to know how to treat people of all ages and needs. Emergency nursing is considered a nursing specialty, but we're also generalists. We take care of children and the elderly, pregnant patients and psychiatric patients,
Don't underestimate their abilities!
Being a nurse is one of the toughest jobs out there. It's a profession that most people underestimate because some foolishly think nurses aren't as capable as doctors. Still, the four Pinay nurses we spoke to revealed that despite the
Because of your pristine white uniform, rainy days are the absolute worst.
1. You become a human Waze.During your days as a student, you hated it when random people would approach you to ask for directions around the hospital. Because most of the time, you had NO CLUE where these places were, so
Are you suffering from sleep deprivation? Cosmo found ways to help you get forty winks. Do them this weekend.
Ask yourself this: Do you fall asleep quickly (in under 20 minutes)? Do you sleep right through without waking in the night? Do you wake up in the morning bright and alert?If you answered yes to all of these questions, then
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