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Think you're a healthy eater? Stop fooling yourself.
Have you ever heard of the saying, "Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym?" It's usually accompanied by a dubious claim that a healthy lifestyle can be broken down as 70% diet and 30% exercise. But just how much
All of these are actually bullsh*t.
1. You should ALWAYS eat breakfast.I'm a huge advocate of healthy breakfasts-it's the one meal we tend to have complete control of (before the madness of the day begins!). It offers a great opportunity to pack a lot
You don't have to go through the entire nutrition facts portion anymore!
The labels like "organic," "natural," and "sugar-free" that we see on a snack's packaging can be (if not often) deceiving. Solution? Check the nutrition facts and the ingredients list.If all the numbers confuse or intimidate you, don't worry.
And we might just be the next Victoria's Secret Angel.
Victoria's Secret Angel bodies are basically the 8th Wonder of the World, like how on earth?! So in the hope of achieving our own slice of toned heaven, asked Fabletic's master trainer and Alessandra Ambrosio's very
Don't be fooled! Believing these misconceptions can interfere with your diet.
Is eating sugar everyday really bad for you? Apparently not.We attended the 2013 Nestle Choose Wellness Expo and learned five common food myths as shared by Nestle Philippines, Inc. Corporate Wellness Head Leslie Go-Alcantara:1. Rice that has stood for
Look your absolute best this season by taking care of yourself--both inside and out. We have two suggestions for you to try out.
The holidays may be the happiest time of the year for most, but they also tend to be the most stressful. Hectic schedules, party-planning, and last-minute gift-shopping can take a toll on your health and looks, so make it