1. You're starting to look for things to watch that don't require subtitles. It isn't said enough that watching K-dramas requires a lot of focus. If you aren't fluent in Korean, chances are you heavily rely on
'Should I unfollow @annecurtissmith?'
Fact: Anne Curtis is addicted to K-dramas.We know this because almost anyone with internet access (meaning: all of us) sees her endless posts about her current K-drama obsessions on the reg. And we've got the receipts:But it
You are not alone.
In their seven years as a couple, Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis have gone through so much-career milestones, trips around the world, and life's ups and downs. But nothing can compare to having to deal with your girl becoming *obsessed*
So. Much. GIGIL!!!
Is there a better way to pass the time and relieve stress other than watching babies do the most adorable things? Admit it: You're guilty of browsing through videos of Manila's next-gen It Girls or future heartthrobs for hooours.
Welcome to the K-Drama fandom, Anne!
If you've been keeping tabs on Anne Curtis' social media accounts, you'll have noticed that she's been super obsessed (although, the term is putting it lightly) with a certain K-Drama hottie: Our favorite oppa,
Lauren Reid! Gil Cuerva! Maxine Medina!
Yes, we've got our slew of favorite celebs and love teams in 2016, but for 2017 we're all for a new breed of talent. Here, we have 10 celebs we know are on their way to superstardom. 1. Gil CuervaThe
It's not a disorder, but people are going to rehab for it.
For years, Allison* thought her relationship with her cell phone was normal. She snuck glances at it during dinner. She woke up in the middle of the night to check her texts. She spent hours per day using it to access Instagram,
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