What if you're not a favorite?
Teacher's pets and bullies are such a cliché-and both are pretty annoying presences at school. But they do exist, and when you enter the workplace, lo and behold, you'll come across some of them, too.Yes, some bosses play
Just zip it.
While being assertive and opinionated are values we encourage and admire, there are definitely moments when you should just zip it. Ahead are some situations when speaking up might not be the best idea:1. When you're already pissedEven the best,
Do you like the people you work with?
One of the things people often forget to consider when applying for work is the culture of the company they're eyeing. People think about the job interview, the compensation, and even the commute, but not so much about whether or not
These guys make a day in the office a bitch.
1. The loud talker. We're all trying to concentrate here, and loud chatter-what more, about irrelevant crap-is distracting and annoying-we can't hear ourselves think! That person naturally has a loud voice? Well, she can step out of
Saying, "That's not my job."
Procrastination Admit it: Sometimes, no matter how close your deadline is, it's tempting to just watch a movie or go through your Instagram feed than finish a report that's due tomorrow. But remember, cramming all your tasks in one day
­You know to send a thank-you note after your boss gives you a promotion and not to sext on the job. But there's one crime that isn't so obvious, and it could cost you.
Certain workplace faux pas-like answering your cell mid-meeting-are so idiotic that we'd be insulting your intelligence if we warned you against them. But if you're a Millennial (meaning ages 18 to 29), there's a good chance
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