Lock down the basics and you’re all set.
Whether you've got a glamorous walk-in closet like Carrie Bradshaw or a modest cabinet in your apartment, the dilemma of having "nothing to wear" will always be a recurring theme in every woman's life. To make your pre-work
Time to make a good impression!
If you're a twentysomething who thinks your phone could be your watch, think again: owning and wearing a timepiece indicates you're a grown-ass adult who gets stuff done when it needs to be done. Here, 14 different
Trust us, you'll want all of them.
Heels definitely give you an instant height (and confidence) boost, but we can't deny the fact that most pairs are just not great for walking around all day. Here, we rounded up seven kinds of comfy and stylish shoes that
Haggard no more!
Dread dressing for your morning commutes? Arrive at the office neat and tidy-without a wrinkle in sight-with these gusot-proof pieces:PAJAMA STYLEPajama tops are a stylish office staple and are usually made of cool cotton or soft silk fabric
Because weekends are (sadly) not forever.
Choosing an outfit decent and presentable enough for work is one of the toughest things to do every morning, which is why it makes a whole lot of sense to plan your clothes the night before. But if you like living life
Give your feet a break.
Any career girl who's always on the go-not to mention regularly commuting-knows the value of a good pair of flats. Heels are great and all, but if you intend to get around, comfy flat shoes are your best bet.
That is, every single day.
When it comes to dressing for the heat, we Filipinas have perfected the equation. Barely there top? Check. Short shorts? Definitely. A lightweight dress when we're tamad? Duh.But what if you have to be more polished than that? Your tattered
The King of Jordan's wife has serious style game!
Queen Rania of Jordan could choose to lead the easy life if she wanted to-we're sure being married to the King of Jordan, Abdullah bin al-Hussein has its perks-but that clearly won't do for the 46-year-
Here's how to wear them from Monday to Sunday!
We're all about styling and re-styling our clothes in various ways-anything to get extra mileage and our money's worth from them! Case in point: these dresses! With a few tweaks here and there, work just as well for
Flats all day, every day.
Thanks to the fashion industry embracing flat shoes of all shapes and sizes, it's now totally acceptable to show up to parties, nights out, and even to the office sans high heels. And really, why would you want to be held
Dare to wear comfy flats to work!
There's an unwritten rule that heels must be worn to conquer the workplace. Well, you can now ditch that so-called rule. Simply take cues from these sophisticated outfit ideas, and dare to wear comfy flats to work:1. Play with
She’s always on top of the wardrobe game.
Do your office OOTDs need an upgrade? Allow girl boss Victoria Beckham to show you the way. Her outfits are as classic as they come, proving that you don't need to get too crazy to make an impression. Here are 6
Time to give your tired button downs a rest.
Getting dressed for work-especially in the morning, when you'd rather go back to bed-can be annoying AF. But that won't be the case if you have these stylish, but office-appropriate tops in your closet. Browse through the
Outfits that address every career girl's summer dilemma!
INSTAGRAM: vivaluxuryblog, margoandmeThere's nothing professional about looking sweaty and sabog when you get to the office. Just imagine coming face to face with an important client and looking like you just fell into a pool. Pretty? Definitely not. But staying fresh
When it comes to office clothes, there's no reason why you should get stuck in a rut! Below are stylish ensembles you can rely on to look polished and professional at work.1. Long-sleeved blouse + pencil skirtFor an on-trend
A well-made work bag is absolutely essential!
Instagram/coachWorking women with years of experience behind them are all too familiar with the importance of a quality work bag. Its primary function may be to haul your things around from one place to another, but it also completes your look
Complete your office wardrobe with these essentials!
1. Crisp button downOnce you find the perfect shirt, you'll be wearing it with everything. Tuck it into trousers and skirts, or layer it under a low-neck dress to make it work-appropriate.2. Structured dressReserve your slinky numbers for
We pick our favorites from the working gals who sent in their photos for the Style Paparazzi challenge. See who made the cut!
We're thrilled with the crop of office fashionistas who gamely took on our first Style Paparazzi reader mission, Style Paparazzi: Career Edition! Scouring through all the snapshots that came in and selecting our picks was a big challenge for us, because
Looking for some fashionspiration for our Style Paparazzi challenge? Check out what these chic Summit chicas wear on a regular work day!
We know a lot of you are excited to send in your photos for Style Paparazzi: Career Edition! To inspire you as you whip up your own wow-worthy work wear looks, we sidled up to several stylish chicas from Summit Media,
From trendy blazers to cute printed blouses to feminine dresses, we've sorted out looks and accessories for your 9-to-5 that will show you mean business, without sacrificing chic.
Having to follow a dress code in the office doesn't mean you can't play with your personal style. In fact, there's no reason getting dressed for work shouldn't be as exciting as getting ready for a party! With
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