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Because we're *really* back to our daily grind.
Welcome to 2022, the time when we can slowly go back to normal and finally return to the office.For those who find that going to their workplace "foreign" and "new," we feel you. We are also slowly trying to get back
It's a good investment!
It's been a little over a year since the pandemic hit and most of us had to transition to a work from home setup. Like me, I'm sure you've gone through the stages of redecorating your
'It gave me a sense of normalcy.'
As a Media and Communications Officer for a non-profit organization, my day-to-day tasks include creative work like designing publication materials (flyers/posters, event backgrounds, social media cards, etc.), updating our website, writing copy, and building relationships with media partners
And they're all less than P200!
With all the shit we're going through these days, we all have our own small sources of happiness. For instance, if what brings you joy is being surrounded by cute stuff-from airpod cases to beaded face mask straps to
Want to escape to a ~different~ workplace? Explore this list!
Office politics, career challenges, and teammate issues-everyone experiences them at one point, right? But there isn't always a swoon-worthy boss like Vice Chairman Lee (Park Seo Joon in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim) or a cute
Add a pop of color to your home office!
There's something seriously addicting about sprucing up your home office-perhaps because it's easier to justify purchasing items that might actually improve your productivity. Whether it's investing in brand-new work desks, seat cushions, or gadgets,
The good *and* the bad.
Aside from writing articles and coordinating with talents, part of my job is also to handle our team's Instagram account. I post IG stories, reply to comments from our followers, and upload social posts. One of the tools that'
What a concept!
Not gonna lie, I've always appreciated the ~benefits~ of remote working. If there's one thing I'm super thankful for, it's the fact that I don't have to worry about commuting or spending
You'll love these space-saving tables!
Think you've got no room for a proper work desk? While most office desks take up a lot of space, there are small, narrow options, and even foldable ones that can fit right in tiny bedrooms and living rooms-or
It makes all the difference!
If you've only recently transitioned into a work from home setup, then you've probably come up with a checklist of "must-have" items to help you stay productive: Reliable wifi? check. Desk and chair? check. But if your
Especially if you're having a hard time focusing on your tasks.
If I could turn back time, one thing I wish I invested in sooner (as in three months ago) is a desk lamp. It would've made my abrupt shift to working from home so much easier. Relying on my ceiling
Can't commit to a planner?
If you get a planner every single January but end up abandoning it three weeks into the New Year, then weekly journals are probably not for you. Want to make sure you're still on top of your tasks without relying
Wallet? Check. Lippie? Check.
Before you rush out the door, you probably check your bag to see that you have all your work essentials. Pens, notebook, chargers-you know, the things you can't do without in the office (or wherever you're working
Is there something you've always wanted to say?
It was a typical day in the office until it wasn't: Your boss just told your team about the new hire. And much to your delight, ANG GWAPO GWAPO NIYA. Suddenly, you're in a better mood, your deadlines
To the reason kung bakit hindi ka pa nagre-resign.
We all have *happy crush* at work. You know, that person you sometimes see during company events, the person na nakakasabay mo mag-refill sa water cooler, the person who somehow manages to bring light to your day even though you'
Labor Sec. Silvestre Bello III said it’s too long and that it might lead to illegal contractual agreements.
Labor Sec. Silvestre Bello III said he doesn't support the recent proposal to extend the maximum probationary period of workers from six months to two years. "It's too long. That is no longer in keeping with our policy of security
What do YOU have to say if you're asked about your weaknesses?
Job interviews are never easy. You sit there, all dressed up in your best business outfit, and get asked difficult questions by someone who could potentially be your boss for years to come. And while you try your hardest to give the
Update your wardrobe now!
If you have a crazy work schedule, it should come as no surprise if you constantly reach for your fashion basics-they're just so easy to style and pull off! If you rely on these staples almost every day of
Plus, they'll make your workspace look extra pretty!
Decorating your workspace is one way to express yourself in a professional setting, and you can make your desk décor work for you if they emanate good juju. Nothing does this better than crystals-aside from looking pretty, crystals are believed
Pens, notepads, and highlighters—the perfect threesome.
The first thing I did when I got back from the holidays was go Marie Kondo on my work desk. I really felt like I needed to rearrange and replace everything as a way to welcome the new year. But also, I