He's *SO* handsome!
I don't know about you, but I've been very hooked on the tvN drama Flower of Evil lately. As in, I patiently wait for new episodes to come out every week. The drama is down to its last few episodes
Hae In will be joined by a star-studded cast!
Be still, our fangirl hearts: Jung Hae In's next show will be streaming on Netflix soon! Back in April, news broke that we *could* possibly see he Korean star play a soldier in his next project, but at that time, his
Nothing is final yet, but we're already excited!
Rumors are circulating that two of our favorite Korean actors *could* be starring in a drama together! Crash Landing On You star Son Ye Jin and When The Camellia Blooms leading man Kang Ha Neul are reportedly in talks of being the
In June, it was reported that A World Of Married Couple star (and kontrabida, lol!) Han So Hee was set to star in an upcoming Netflix drama that will be directed by Kim Jin Min, who also directed the Kim Dong Hee-
'Autism isn’t an illness, but something you’re born with.'
Without a doubt, It's Okay To Not Be Okay is one the best K-dramas we've seen this 2020. The show is down to its last few episodes, and we're just waiting for the cast and crew to rake
Huge news: Two of our favorite top Korean stars, Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won, *could* possibly star in a drama together! According to Soompi, the management teams of both actors have commented on the report. Kim Ji Won's (Descendants
It's Okay To Not Be Okay is surprisingly turning out to be one of our favorite dramas of 2020. It doesn't follow the usual kilig drama formula that we love, and the characters are far from perfect, but somehow, we'
'May pila po!'
How do we even begin to describe our love for our ultimate oppa Park Seo Joon? (We've already listed down the reasons we think he'll make the *perfect* boyfriend, lol!) Longtime K-drama fans have loved PSJ since his early
Guess we’re just going to keep missing this cast!
When the Camellia Blooms is one of the best dramas we saw in 2019. In fact, the show raked in so many awards at the 2020 Baeksang Awards, including Best Actor for Kang Ha Neul, Best Screenplay, and the Grand Prize. So
So *gwapo*!
Just when we thought that there's no way that Ji Chang Wook could be even more good-looking, he surprises us with a ~*new look*~ in his latest drama, Backstreet Rookie! In episode three of the show, viewers are treated to
These soundtracks get us every. single. time.
Part of the experience of being hooked on a K-drama is getting songs from the shows stuck in our head for days-in some cases, months! You know what songs we're talking about: those that play in the opening credits,
Sana all may gwapong kapitbahay!
Reply 1988 is just one of those dramas you just can't easily move on from. It was released in November 2015 and the finale aired in January 2016, but over four years later, here we are, still so emotionally attached to
You'll fall in love with this drama.
When Kim Soo Hyun finished his mandatory military service in July 2019, we patiently waited for news about his next project. A few months later, he made a cameo on Hotel del Luna. Then, when January this year rolled in, we were
OMO! The *cutest* mini cast reunion just happened and we're so happy we get to see proof of it on Insta! Lee Dong Hwi, who played the role of Dong Ryong in Reply 1988, posted precious pics of him hanging
We’re so excited to see him act again!
In March 2020, it was announced that one of our original oppas, Kim Bum, officially finished his mandatory military service. Of course, we couldn't help but anticipate the announcement of his new project after, and lo and behold, it was confirmed
We miss them all so much already!
Season one of Hospital Playlist has already wrapped up and we'll be the first to admit that we're still trying to recover from all the cliffhangers from that season finale. (If you haven't seen it, it's
Mom, we love him!
A lot of us fell in love with Go Kyung Pyo as Sun Woo in Reply 1988. We have to admit, we're still not over his glow up from being the model high school kid to ~*super hot*~ med student on
She's also holding a ~contest~.
One of our ultimate fave K-drama actresses has launched her YouTube channel and we're so excited for all the content we'll get to watch! On June 9, Park Min Young officially revealed her YouTube channel Just Parkminyoung. For her
We can't believe it's coming to an end! *cries*
Be still our fan girl hearts: It has just been announced that all the remaining four episodes of The King: Eternal Monarch have been filmed. Yes, that means the finale has also been shot!Soompi reports that the drama's production company,
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