And it almost ended my relationship. Whoops.
Fact: There are many ~toys~ an editor at Cosmopolitan could theoretically bring home. The toy I chose to bring home this week was a pore vacuum-a device that's gone viral on Instagram over the years for sucking out blackheads in
Getting rid of pimples is only half the battle.
If you're someone who's acne-prone and gets pesky zits regularly, you know that getting rid of pimples is only half the battle. You still have to deal with hyperpigmentation, aka the dark spots and acne marks that
As told by a top dermatologist.
Clogged pores, blocked pores, open pores, large pores: Call them what you want-they're a universal pain. If you've never googled "how to get rid of pores" you're either a) lying, or b) have the most
You can't shrink them but you can definitely minimize them.
Here's one important thing to know about large pores: You can't shrink them but you can definitely minimize them. But before you reach for a primer or a foundation, know that with proper skincare habits, you can reduce
You may be doing your skin more harm than good.
Spot treatments are a godsend. They banish pimples by reducing their redness and inflammation without the risk of deep scarring and infection. You can usually find these ingredients in spot treatments: benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, bee venom, etc. You
Those DIY skincare hacks aren't doing you any good.
You know this scene too well: You see a zit on your face and think of clever ways to get rid of it. You head to Google to find a home remedy-you just want the baddie gone ASAP. While we won&#
Save your skin and your sweldo!
There's a misconception that to have clear skin, one must spend thousands of pesos on products and derma treatments. While we won't deny that skincare is going to cost you a bit, there are ways to *cheat* the
It's available in different shades, too!
We love the K-beauty innovation, the cushion compact, because you get the benefits of skincare and makeup in one. It's easy to use, too: You just press the sponge on the cushion to get the product and tap it
Keep one on your office desk!
While face powders work wonders in removing shine, they tend to unwantedly emphasize fine lines and dry patches. If you want to cut back on the shine without looking flat, try switching to illuminating powders, or in this case, stash a bottle
It's not really a "one size fits all" kind of thing.
Moisturizers are an important part of our skincare routine. It seals in all the previous products that you applied on to your skin and hydrates your complexion. It acts as an anti-aging product, which benefits all skin types. (Yes, even people
Nothing over P500, too! ;)
Sometimes, there are days when we don't have the energy to go ~all out~ and be extra with our makeup-and that's okay. However, we still need to look presentable and put-together. And we're thankful
Take note of these ingredients before you shop for skincare products.
If you have acne-prone skin, it's likely that you're still on the search for your holy grail skincare product that can banish pimples away forever! (And if you have found them, lucky you.) It can be easy
No more breakouts FOREVER?!
Acne is one hundred percent that b*tch. We're all just done with it, and we're always on the lookout for new products that'll get rid of-and prevent-annoying pimples! We've got great
Oily skin? We don't know her.
As someone with oily skin, I always make sure to have a pack of oil blotting sheets in my bag in case of emergencies. (Which is sadly all the time!) I think everyone will agree with me when I say that it&#
Have you found the perfect powder for you yet?
If you're sick of makeup disappearing and your face looking like a hot mess after lunch, it's time to invest in a good face powder. We've tried them ALL, from translucent formulas, to full-coverage powder
Never ask, 'Oily na ba ako?' anymore.
Here in the Philippines, keeping one's complexion shine-free is a major priority for many Pinays. Almost everyone we know has a pack of oil blotting sheets or a face powder in their bags. We're also not surprised
The PR Officer of Belo Beauty talks about her beauty mistakes and the lessons she learned along the way.
When I first met Steph Ongkiko, I couldn't stop staring at her flawless skin. I assumed that because she is the Senior Corporate Communications Officer of Belo and the Social Media of Dr. Vicki Belo herself, she never had skin
I was curious to try the Dr. Vicki Belo-approved skincare routine.
I was initially shocked when I heard that Dr. Vicki Belo recommends a skincare routine that doesn't involve moisturizer. It was the complete opposite of what I have learned over the years. Before I became a beauty editor, I worked
On the lookout for your new favorite mask? Check this out!
With all the skin-loving benefits of a good face mask, it's almost an essential part of every skincare routine, whether maximalist (think Korean 10-step routine) or minimalist. All the more for us oily-skinned girls because we feel
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