From 'Die Beautiful' to 'One More Chance!'
Admit it, sometimes films are bitin. They leave you hanging and wanting more, wondering what happened to the characters after the ending. Good thing there are some local films with actual sequels! Here, we've handpicked some of the most popular
Popoy was the worst, tbh.
1. Popoy in One More Chance (2007) and A Second Chance (2015)Ok, girls, let's admit it. Popoy was the worst boyfriend to Basha (Bea Alonzo). PERIOD. In One More Chance, Popoy did not treat Basha as an equal, made plans
Because he can.
We got our favorite crush of the moment JC Santos to recite a few of John Lloyd Cruz's most famous hugot lines. The result? Pure FEELS. Watch JC take on an acting challenge of Lloydie's biggest movie hits (One More
It looks like Popoy and Trisha are getting their one more chance...
And just when everyone thought Popoy and Basha were together in real life, Trisha comes into the picture.Former One More Chance co-stars Maja Salvador and John Lloyd Cruz have been spotted together in Pearl Farm resort in Malipano Island, Davao.
Last chance na nga ba 'to?
Wait lang. Please.Does this mean we have to go through the torture of Popoy and Basha's heartbreaking love story for the THIRD TIME?!?Well, no...t yet.So there's this picture of One More Chance and A Second Chance
Hey, he may just be the next JLC.
We've come to know Albie Casino as the hot-headed archrival of James Reid on On The Wings Of Love, BUT here's a side we definitely don't see: Albie as a leading man.Hey, he's got the chops
It'll give you the feels for all the wrong reasons. We cry.
So Star Cinema just released the second teaser for A Second Chance, the sequel to the 2007 hugot film of all time, Once More Chance. We already know from the first teaser that things have gone bad for the now-married Popoy
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