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'I honestly got better results 'swiping abroad' than here.'
Let's face it: Dating during a pandemic can be so, so difficult. I mean for starters, physically going out to meet people already poses some risks. Aside from being in a place with someone you're totally unfamiliar with,
Should online dating stay online?
I remember going through an emotional roller coaster when the quarantine period started in March 2020. I felt so tamad to do anything for myself because I was mentally exhausted fulfilling tribute duties for the family. Plus, I was adjusting to the
For Gen Z, love is at a standstill.
The pandemic gave Mara (not her real name) the reprieve she needed from the pressure of getting married before 30. At 32, she is still single AF and she is not rushing-not when the virus still lurks.It's different
Use this time to deepen your understanding of one another.
For my single friends, the worst part of quarantine was not being fingered regularly. As a smart hoe, I moved my boyfriend of three weeks into my place when the quarantine was first announced and luckily (for my heart and for our
We're in a global pandemic, I want to see a face mask over your mouth.
It's recently come to my attention that a new trend called "maskfishing" seems to be infiltrating dating apps everywhere. And while you can probably use ~context clues~ to guess what it means, it's "the phenomenon of wearing a mask to
And other fun date ideas for when you celebrate at home.
The COVID-19 pandemic has been keeping us all apart. Because of the quarantine and social distancing, some couples right now are *literally* in a long-distance relationship. Activities like dining in at restaurants, watching movies in cinemas, and even traveling have
'There was a lot of eye candy!'
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing means physical meet-ups aren't possible right now. That doesn't mean you should give up on your love life, though! You might want to give online dating a try. We
He was ALMOST perfect.
It happened in February. I was scrolling through Bumble and matched with this guy named Philip Lee. His profile read: 36 years old, Paris-born Korean. He looked okay naman, the photo was kinda cute; he actually kinda looked like Park Seo
New research reveals what Pinoys in the digital age actually think about love and relationships.
Finding ~*the one*~ isn't exactly easy. For most people, it takes years before you figure out what it is you really want in a relationship, which is understandable because there are just *too many* emotions involved. 'Di mo talaga
I told myself that in 2020, I would try again.
The internet has witnessed the highs and lows of my dating life: I've shared my LDR story (Spoiler: That's over); and I've also done a Bumble experiment to amp up my dating pool. Needless to say, I like being
Smell that smoke? It's your Tinder profile blowing the eff up.
Flaunting some thirst traps in your online dating profile can almost always guarantee tons of swipe rights-hey, it's Tinder after all!But I'm going to let you in on a tiny little secret: Having a good bio
*Feverishly checks Instagram*
Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced they have "lovingly chosen to separate." The couple, who met a long time ago on the set of the best American-made film of modern time, Step Up, spilled the news of their split in a
It doesn't have to suck.
Dating apps are where fun goes to die. Kidding! I actually know several couples who found love in a hopeless place (online). In fact, that's how my best friend met her soul mate, and now they live in an adorable
And they're finally going on their first date!
The next time you complain about how you can't even get a text back from bae, don't. 21-year-old Michelle Arendas and 22-year-old Josh Avsec are living proof that you don't have to be in contant
'When I finally met him, it was beautiful, he was beautiful, and my heart just exploded.'
Remember 20 years ago when people thought that if you were dating someone you had met online, you must be crazy, or desperate, or about to die in the hands of a serial killer? The Internet has changed how we date so
The man, who was recently arrested, is also wanted for bigamy.
A man going by the name Myles Uy Tan was recently arrested after several women whom he dated and duped filed complaints against him.Tan, who apparently has used so many aliases to hide his identity, found his victims on dating sites
According to an etiquette expert.
Outside of the usual "Hey, how are you?", it can sometimes be tricky to find unique ways to break the ice on a dating app. According the Myka Meier, the founder of app etiquette classes Beaumont Etiquette, there's one question you
Gasgas na gasgas na 'yang quote na 'yan!
When it comes to the lines girls put on their Tinder bios-or even their public Instagram and Twitter accounts-guys have seen it all. We asked CBs (Cosmo Boys) what Tinder taglines they're tired of seeing, and what they think is the country's first exclusive online dating site and app that encourages people to show their personality and interests on their profiles.
Some people still insist on the "traditional" way of meeting or getting to know people, which could be: a) by chance b) through a friend c) striking up a convo with an officemate. It just seems more natural that way, especially the
I get that it's practical. It's just not for me.
Like all little girls of my generation, I was ruined by The Little Mermaid. Ariel sees Eric for the first time and falls instantly, hopelessly in love. He glimpses her briefly and falls instantly, hopelessly in love.This formed the basis of