In the month of fashion and all things sexy in Cosmo, we wanted to feature a gorgeous hunk who looks smashing in any outfit--and oozes with undeniable sex appeal! Meet the stud who will make you swoon in November.
The first week of November is normally still sembreak for many college Cosmo chicks out there, so we wanted to make this time of the month extra special for you--not only to make your vacation even more fun, but also to
This smokin' Lasallian football player tells us what makes a girl instantly sexy for him and what he's learned about women. Plus, check out his hot gallery!
From De La Salle University to Ateneo de Manila University and University of Sto. Tomas, we now make our way back to the university at Taft Avenue to introduce you to our fourth and final college athlete featured as July Cosmo Online
Third time's a charm, so not only do we reveal juicy details about this hot celeb's life, we're also posting over 100 swoon-worthy photos this week!
Hey college Cosmo girls, how has the first week of school been treating you? Still stuck in lazy summer mode? Well, we've got something to get your heart pumping: more of our June Cosmo Online Hunk Lucky Mercado. Over the last
As we officially bid summer goodbye, we introduce the first featured hunk in Cosmo's two-month college season. Get to know this singer/actor on his first week!
As part of the hottest new boyband in the country, he sings, dances, hosts, and is fast becoming the ultimate "Crush ng Bayan." We wanted to be the among the first to unveil this super hot stud, so we're making him
Listen in on our January hunk's musings on relationships, dating, and sex in this interview.
George candidly tells Cosmo how she maintains her figure and cares for her skin. Plus, pick up a fashion tip or two from the stylish it girl!
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