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Dating coach or breeding ground for sexual predators?
Last year, the "pastor" culture unveiled a breed of Filipino Facebook users who prey on harassment, pornography, and misogyny. Thanks to mass reporting and an ultimatum from Senator Risa Hontiveros, these groups have dwindled. While we know that these pastor groups are
Spoiler alert: It is.
By now, you've probably heard of the cyber-flirting issue involving model/actor Carlos Agassi, in which he sends a torrential rain of unsolicited messages to several women via Instagram and Facebook Messenger:Now, in the wake of public masturbators (*cough*
'We believed far too much in the goodness of other people, and now it’s clear that we shouldn’t have.'
Like many women of this generation, I've sent the occasional sexy selfie (sorry, mom) to a guy I thought I could trust, a boyfriend whom I believed would keep that sexy selfie for his viewing pleasure only. And while women like
Perfect ka, teh?
The cold, hard truth is that every day we are faced with a Gossip Girl episode in the flesh. This is a time when anyone can write whatever they want online, thanks to throwaway handles and the cloak of anonymity. The folks