Save these for your next sweat sesh!
Because of the quarantine, not only have we transformed a part of our homes into our personal work spaces, but for some of us, we've also alotted an area for working out. We totally get it, though. Setting fitness goals
Some even have pockets for filter sheets!
In case you missed it, wearing face masks is now required when going out, as announced by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases on April 2, 2020. While there is a scarcity in surgical face masks
Love local, and look good while you're at it!
The only thing better than shoe shopping is shoe shopping in the comfort of your bed. *double taps*For your next shoe shopping spree, we say support our local brands! Here are a few of our faves:1. SuelasTheir slides are so
Authenticity is key.
If you're dropping a huge chunk of your earnings on some designer goodie, then you better be sure that your purchase is first of all, authentic. There's nothing more heartbreaking than finding out you've been duped! That's
Support local!
There's no denying that IG shopping is at an all-time high; the countless stylish local brands popping out of nowhere is proof. Armed with curated feeds and friendly-priced apparel, these are ten hot brands you need to check out.
Because we know you don't want to spend thousands on a dress you'll only wear once!
Grand celebrations and fancy events are all fun and games but before the big day comes, you usually spend ages trying to find the perfect dress-and most of the time, the ones you actually like will burn a hole through your
'Tis the season to bare those toes!
Summer (aka the best time to wear sandals) is finally here, and the season calls for more laid-back looks from head to toe. In the mood for new shoes but don't have time to head out to buy a new
Because the best things don't require traffic, parking, and the crazy mall rush.
AVA.PHIf you're looking into creating or designing a home, check out this site full of everything cute and quirky for everyday living. From useful Field Notes notebooks and cute water bottles to "egg-yolk pluckers" and cute popsicle makers, AVA'
Hooray for the internet!
Stuff In Style (@stuffinstyle)Brands available: Lorac, Too Faced, Aveeno, Urban Decay, Nyx, Sigma, Batiste, EOS, Real Techniques, and more.Beauty Corner ( available: Sleek (they're the official distributor in the country!), My Konjac Sponge, Enkore Pro Brush Soap,
Because it's never as simple as just knowing your size.
There's nothing more irritating than ordering something online and realizing it doesn't fit. Except, of course, when you go to re-order it in another size only to find that it's sold out.The problem is that even if
From #Selfies to #Shopping, Instagram is where it's at.
We love how these online stores' Instagram accounts keep us updated on their latest offerings, from limited-edition finds here and abroad, to the cutest bikini styles to inspire the perfect summer story.Flip through the gallery and get ready to tap
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