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Get ready to stay in bed all day long.
Now that the rainy season has *officially* started, it's time to bring out those hoodies and jackets that have been kept in our closets for months. And while it may suck to say goodbye to the ~hot girl summer~ we&#
Saying no to budol once and for all!
When I was asked if I could do this challenge, I was literally in the middle of curating my online shopping cart of bawas-init wardrobe. I basically had the same bralette, but in different colors. These days, people say dressing up
'Having a ~*quota*~ keeps me from overspending and from buying too many items.'
Even before the start of the quarantine, I'm sure many of us-if not, all of us-have experienced the act of budol at least once. Whether it's your friends convincing you to buy that trendy item they
You deserve it!
What's the first thing you do when you get your sweldo (or let's say, a lil' extra money in general)? If you're being a responsible adult-and I sure hope that you are-you'
Trust us, it's a must-have home appliance.
While some people may not be a huge fan of cleaning, I personally enjoy it. TBH, nothing beats the feeling of seeing an organized workspace and a spotless, shiny mirror. But most of all, my ~biggest achievement~ would have to be getting
Definitely adding this to my online shopping cart!
Depending on my mood, there are times when I'm extra motivated to do physical activities just to kill boredom. Sometimes, I like to ride my indoor cycling bike or even go out for walks around my neighborhood (while wearing my
ICYDK, some can even be used as beach mats!
Every time I watch an American movie or TV series with ~youth~ in the cast, the first thing that always catches my eye is their bedroom, lol. It's kinda weird of me, I know. But napapansin niyo rin ba how
Do yourself a favor and add this to your cart ASAP.
Okay, I think we can all agree that for the past few weeks, sobrang init na talaga ng panahon. Do you also get that feeling when you're just sitting down (with the *slightest* amount of physical activity), pero grabe pa
You can use it as an accent in your bedroom, kitchen, or dining area.
Here at Cosmo, we love all things #aesthetic including home decor. From indoor plants to frameless mirrors, and even scented candles, we've got you covered for your next space makeover. If you're looking to add a pop of
Happy 9th birthday, Lazada!
We've all waited for the year's biggest sale event, and now we're a few hours away from the Lazada Birthday Sale on March 27! We're pretty sure your cart is loaded with the best
They're perfect as home decor or as gifts to your friends!
In the past year, I can proudly say that I've tried at least two hobbies: journaling and coloring. What I love about these two activities is that they're so chill, 'di mo kailangan mag-isip masyado if
They're perfect for tamad girls!
I'm not an expert at interior design but if there's one thing I learned about space makeovers, it's that lighting is everything! It can help set whatever mood you want for your room. In article published
The pink one is so our type!
Whenever I'm in the mood to go online shopping, one of the things I usually do is ask my friends for recos on what to buy. I know it's pretty risky because I gotta admit, madali akong mabudol,
They come in five stylish colors!
Wireless earbuds are a tech favorite among those who like to bring their listening experience everywhere they go, whether on a quick trip to a café or on a daily jog around the block. These days, there are many to choose from
From plants, to shoes, and more.
Raise your hand if you love all things pink. Whether it's bright or pastel, there's just something about this hue that's so *aesthetic* and eye-catching. It's a popular choice when it comes to
Ready, set, glow.
One of my resolutions this year is to officially give my room a makeover. I've been so obsessed with trendy home decor these past months that I feel like now is the perfect time for my space to have a
Ok but srsly, NEED.
Okay, so we've heard about heating coasters that will keep your coffee warm for hours. Well, our latest discovery is the next best thing: electric lunch boxes! With this kind of kitchen appliance, you'll never have to eat
It comes in six different colors!
I can't imagine going a day without looking at my cellphone. TBH, it's basically my life right now, lol. But once upon a time, mobile phones didn't exist and we all started with telephones, or the "
It comes in three different colors!
If you take a look at my Instagram collections and Pinterest boards, one thing you'll notice is that I have dedicated a specific folder for ~trendy home decor~. I have all the pegs that I want for my dream room
It's perfect for your *minimalist aesthetic.*
Coffee lovers have spent a good part of the quarantine period in Metro Manila rediscovering their love for caffeine in new ways-most notably, by learning how to whip up their favorite brews at home. While coffee shops in and around the