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From a proud SINGLE mom.
A month after the issue with the scantily-clad girl group that staged a "carwash" as their claim to fame on Pilipinas Got Talent, we were again gifted with words of wisdom by actor Robin Padilla.This time, the recipient was Kristel
'AlDub pa rin,' they chanted.
Following the release of Maine Mendoza's viral open letter, AlDub fans flocked to the Eat Bulaga studio in Broadway Centrum, Quezon City to show their support for her.The gathering (also dubbed the "white rally") was organized by Maine'
An open letter from news organizations, student publications, and citizen advocates.
The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism has released a statement that "tackles critical issues concerning press freedom, the long-overdue passage of the Freedom of Information law, and incoming president Rodrigo Duterte's controversial statement on the media killings." The text below,
'I'm sorry I compelled you to love me more because I couldn't love myself.'
I grew up believing I wasn't good enough for anything. I was always being compared to one of my siblings in terms of skill, looks, personality, and attitude, and I never really got the family's praise and approval.
'You made me who I am today.'
If you had the chance to talk to your ex or write him a letter, what would you tell him? Would you apologize for the things that happened between you two in the past, or would you thank him for the person
You need to back off.
I want to tell you to get over the fact that you're in the friend zone and have always been there, but that would be harsh. I don't think anyone in love can stand to hear that, what more comprehend
As if we needed another reason to love him.
We already know that Prince Harry is #HusbandMaterial, but now he's proven that he truly is Prince Charming.Harry recently met five-year-old Carson Hartley when he awarded the little boy the Inspirational Child award at the Wellchild awards in